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sexta-feira, 21 de junho de 2024



"The Book of absolution from suffering and extermination, the Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, the Book that contains the entire history of the generation, creation and formation of this corner of bitterness, the enigmatic and mysterious charm. All of them preserve the mysteries and the riddles; but looking for what? From nothing, without knowing anything for sure, without knowing anything about themselves. Everyone considering this enchantment as an enigma and considering themselves enigmatic. , of this deceitful nativity scene, of these deceptions that have to be remedied until they can no longer be remedied, of this deception of adventures, of this deception of dreams; some dreaming with their eyes open and others thinking that this is life, however, at the same time they contradict themselves, because can no longer bear the suffering." (Page.78, 1st. Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN PARTS, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).

CONSIDERATIONS: When we talk about the Book Universe in Disenchantment, suggesting its assiduous, reflective and attentive reading, many think we are being apologetic or suggesting the acceptance of a new religion, doctrine, sect, spiritualism, spiritual, mystical, occult or esoteric knowledge! These relevant and precious segments of human knowledge played a very important role in the evolution and preparation of humanity, because they enabled us to understand and understand the Phase that has arrived - THE PHASE OF THE THIRD MILLENNIUM (PHASE OF THE TRUTH OF TRUTHS)! 

The Book Universe in Disenchantment represents the Culture of a World much superior to ours, called the RATIONAL WORLD, from which everything and everyone originates, and is therefore the Culture of our true natural state! It is a Culture dictated by a Being Superior to everything and everyone, a Reasoning Superior to all Reasonings, a Supreme Reasoning, not being, therefore, extracted from the philosophical and scientific thought of the human being, creator of this vast culture existing under various denominations and several segments and that keeps the mysteries, enigmas and phenomena unsolvable! 

The content of the Book is unprecedented for humanity, hence the human difficulty in fitting it into the cultural patterns of identification known to everyone! Hence, many think it is a new sect; others new religion; some new doctrine, etc.

But the Book is a Natural Knowledge, a Natural Culture, belonging to the advent of the New Millennium that knocks on our door. The totality of religious, philosophical, scientific, mystical and spiritual knowledge that exists to date served as the basis for our preparation and complete maturation to be able to understand and comprehend the Culture of Disenchantment (which is the Culture of the Third Millennium). Culture of Disenchantment means the Culture of solving all mysteries, enigmas and phenomena; means the definition and complete solution of the beginning and end of this world and of all beings that inhabit it; means Conscious and Positive Culture and which has a basis, logic and infinite evidence and proof!

Yes friends, the Third Millennium Phase is the Phase of Truth of Truths awaited by many, prophesied by others and which has now arrived on Earth! The Truth of Truths, my friends, is that within which there is a conscious and positive content, with a beginning and an end, with a basis and logic, a content that leads the human being to be able to disenchant himself and the world in which he lives. live! 

So friends, reflect on the content of this Culture, analyze the condition of human existence in this world and the condition of the existence of this world itself, hitherto unknown, get to know the Book Universe in Disenchantment and enter the THIRD MILLENNIUM, naturally, within your own homes or wherever they are, since there are no temples, synagogues, preaching houses or any establishments to get to know the grandeur of Rational Culture! 

Finally, take note that only a Culture coming from a Superior World can have the courage to propose, to all humanity, absolution from the condemnation to suffering and extermination! So friends, doubt, question, debate, ponder and do like São Tomé: I want to see it to believe it! In this way, you will see the greatest absolute reality of all time! (By Antonio dos Santos and Ângela Maria).  Translated by: Joyce Barros. 

Rational greetings to everyone!


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