(Angela Maria da Silva, Rational Culture student, Recife – PE (Brazil)
You know deep inside yourself what life is like and how it can lead you to a better level, where you can get the best of it.
You are aware of the powers of your subconscious mind, and you know the Universal Laws (love your next as you love yourself, because everything you do towards the other goes back to you).
Now you know that you are one with the SUPERIOR BEING – THE SUPERIOR RATIONAL.
Whatever you sown is liable to you. You know that being attached to the past hurts too much and adds nothing at all to your life; by closing your heart, life gets harder and harder.
Take a good look around and see how astounding the suffering of people is: the tears that are shed – and as pronouncedly as yours – won’t suffice for you to get ahead for lacking of knowledge of the Universal Laws!
Is it really? Do you really feel in yourself the GRANDEUR OF LIFE?
It is in the simplicity of the being, of feeling it in each moment. Everything you can perceive of life is in pair with your daily accomplishment intermediated by your thoughts and your observations, your experiences, which are so hard to take.
For example: the flaws you see in the others are the reflexes of yourself which you fight so severely to cast out, but in the end, you have to abide to them.
So how can anyone act before so many truths after realizing that nothing has changed in their lives?
The secret to make your life better, the key to success for the Universe to conspire on your favor is DETACHMENT, which can only be achieved through the positive consciousness of your life, connecting to the true life, which is the INVISIBLE SUPERIOR ENERGY, Rational and fluidic.
When you are in tune with the SUPERIOR FORCES, you can utter the goodness that is in your heart and you believe deeply that you are not alone in the Universe, feeling praised with that sense of freedom, even though you are still living in the material world, then you will feel that the Universe is conspiring on your favor.
There is somebody who has always been by your side, always waiting for you, it is no one but your Reasoning – God’s expression inside of you. 
It is somehow trying to reach for your hear, even though it is in pain now, suffering, not because it was doomed to be so but because you chose it to be so.
Once you get to live in accordance with the Universal Laws  and realize that everyone, without exception, are instructors of life, and that no one can take what is truly yours, the right moment will come for you to start REASONING.
The lightness of your being is in harmony with the SUPERIOR POWERS. You will realize that nothing will come along in life in unnatural fashion; everything has to flow naturally and with intensity! That is right, but in pair with the lightness of the BEING.
Once you get to the stage of being RATIONAL, only then, you will be able to reach the UNIVERSAL ACHIEVEMENTS.
By leaving the Ego aside, you will see with the eyes of the heart, which are the voice of the REASONING. You will be yourself, fearless, stripped off your any prejudice and, within the natural paradigm, everything will come along as a result of the RATIONAL ORDER.
Try not to strain yourself to understand how and why it happens this way. Do not search for outside answers, for they are all in yourself, in your REASONING.
All you have to do is read the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT so that you can develop your Reasoning the fastest way possible. Empty your mind of any thoughts or imagination; appease your heart and listen to the voice of your REASONING which talks to you in silence – the natural voice.
Follow your intuition which is transmitted by the RATIONAL UNIVERSE. It talks to you secretly, telling you how much important your life is to the SUPERIOR FORCES.
Nonetheless you may argue:
“It works perfectly well in theory but what about in practice?”
This is the voice of the Ego (the magnetic thought) getting in action, the voice of ATTACHMENT, which is in the core of our material dependence, where one will find impermanence, frustrations, suffering and deception, because it cannot let it go of its fear and, thus, it is afraid of the awakening. Everything gets obliterated and lifeless.
Life will eventually find the means to shake up this behavior. New experiences, which are unpleasant, will happen as a need to bring the individual in resonance with the RATIONAL UNIVERSE, which is clear without mysteries or enigmas. A Universe that is the source of the true reality – THE RATIONAL REALITY.
Subsequently you will find true love and your heart will be lifted up of any scar, of any fear, flowing naturally.
It is through this process of DETACHMENT that you aggregate yourself with the UNIVERSE.

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