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quinta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2024



There are living beings who read UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT and do not know what it means, because if they knew what the word disenchantment means, they would say that in this Work are the world's solutions.

You became disenchanted, saved yourself, because in the disenchantment are the solutions of the world. Because you are very behind, you read UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT and do not know what it means. Such a common and simple word!

A writing done by the enchanted ones from there in the world is one thing and a writing done in a different meaning is something else. The enchanted ones do not understand and start to make confusions, many times saying or thinking that it is a strange way. It is strange indeed, because it is the writing from the disenchantment, done completely different from what you know from the enchanted world of there. If it were a writing done like the type and way of the enchanted ones, you would interpret it very well and understand it even better. But for being from the disenchantment and written to disenchant, it is why you do not understand it at first.

Watch it! The disenchantment is a thing that you did not know; you are knowing it now. The enchantment, you know it very well, because you are enchanted ones. Notice that there must be a very big difference in the way of writing and in the
redaction of the subjects. Disenchantment cannot write one subject only, from start to finish; it has to be of pieces of subjects woven with other and with the progression, comes the finality of all.

For being disenchantment, it has to describe a subject, stop that subject, start another, stop this one and start a new one, from this, to skip to another and with the continuation of the Writing, complete the sequence of subjects until their end. That is what disenchantment is. Now, what it is from the enchantment of there it is totally different.

The way of speaking and the way of writing of the enchantment is one, and the way of disenchantment is another. Due to not knowing this, it is why you find, in this Work, an odd way. But if you knew it, you would understand the writing of the disenchantment, which you only will understand as you read and know the reason of this.

These repetitions are necessary because there are living beings that need to have these things explained by all means, due to them being too rude. And there are others that do not, who soon get the difference and understand that the disenchantment is totally different from the enchantment. The living being when does not understand must stay quiet until he is elucidated and not making confusions, for not knowing how to interpret as he should.

And so, checking these things out to straighten these swallows, because there are living beings who read as a parrot. They finish to read and do not know what they read. There are people who finish reading and, when asked about what they read, they know nothing. They are parrots who speak a lot of things and when they stop talking, they know nothing. Living beings who read without attention. Because the living being who pays attention in what he reads, he knows how to relate what he read at any time. And only those who know will take advantage of the readings, those who pay attention in the reading, those who have the knowledge to tell parts of this Work, because those who do not know, cannot take any advantage. The living being must have determination and caprice to resolve all that this Work teaches with precision and benefit.

But many interpret it differently. They read because the order is to read, but do not devote the necessary attention, and when they finish reading they know nothing and when they attempt to explain something, they get it all wrong.

There is no need to store everything. But yes, the most important parts, more defined, well clear and well clarified to reach the goodness given by RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION.

When it pertains to a base like this one, Rational, everything is always from good to better, always multiplying, culminant, everything that is good, everything that is beautiful, everything that is pleasant. It is a treasure of the treasures for those who receive the graces from RATIONAL SUPERIOR.

All of those who receive the graces from RATIONAL SUPERIOR have a treasure of the treasures. All of those who belong to RATIONAL SUPERIOR have the treasure of the treasures.

All of those who are consecrated by RATIONAL SUPERIOR have the treasure of the treasures. While those who receive the graces of the people from the lower atmosphere are not consecrated, they receive the spiritual influences, which can be considered a tiny treasure. And that is why there is great confusion among the people, mistaken the people from the lower atmosphere for RATIONAL SUPERIOR. The lower atmosphere is this immense vacuum between sun and Earth. Those inhabitants who inhabit this vacuum are the people from the lower atmosphere.

RATIONAL PLAIN is much above the sun, the moon, and the stars. Much farther than from the Earth there to the sun.



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