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quarta-feira, 3 de março de 2021


Get to know things first before you can know what you are talking about. It is the way of the unconscious ones to advance their opinions and to repudiate that which they do not know without knowing whether it is good or not, whether it works or not. They keep advancing their opinions: “Well, I don’t want to know about this. Hey, I don’t have time for that. Well, of stories, the world is full of and I don’t want to waste time anymore.” As if they knew what they were talking about. 

But the way of the unconscious beast is to repudiate that which they are not aware of. “Well, I don’t have time. Only when I have the time.” 

The way of the unconscious one is to advance their opinion so that after they get to know what RATIONAL IMMINIZATION is they regret the time they wasted. “Hey, I’ve gotten to know this since so long, I’ve heard about is for so long, but have never cared to know it. Today I am regretting to have wasted so much time. The RATIONAL 
IMMUNIZATION, I did not know that is was the greatest thing in our lives. I thought it was a story like any other, without any use, because the world is full of story books that the person reads and nothing changes afterwards. 

Now is it that I’m noticing that the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION is an amazing thing, and that all humanity must know, need to know for their own good. I did not know that is was something of such greatness. 

If I knew it was like that, since long I would have dedicated myself to this knowledge to Immunize myself. 

I thought it was a story of the supernatural, nonsense, as the world is full of, but I was dead wrong and I hurt myself. From the time I have heard about it, I should have already been mature in the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION.” 

And so it happens with the advancing ones who do repudiate that which they don’t know, and after they know, they are sorry for the time lost when they were thinking during their unconsciousness that it was something without value. And so, so many are there that are sorry for having thought like that, in different ways and different manners. 

Those are people drunken, fanaticized by the things of the enchantment over there, sure about the things of the enchantment, and many times saying: “I will not move myself from my spot of certainty.” He is a fanatical, fanaticized by the things from the electric and magnetic over there, by things from the enchantment over there, by the lies and taking the lies as if they were truth. 

Fanaticized by the philosophical, scientific lies, they say: “I will not move myself from my spot of certainty, from the enchantment of the electric and magnetic.” 

They thought that the lies were truth, but at the same time they contradict themselves with their convictions, because, due to everything being lies, everything ends. 

The enchanted one does not know what he is talking about, and those who do not know what they are talking about, contradict themselves. 

Apparent truths are no truths. Mysteries are no truth. Enigmas, mysteries are lies and that is why everything ends. Over there in the book “UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT” are the solutions. The mysteries have ended, because they are lies, they have ended.


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