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So, there is the reason for the world to be like that. If there was no reason for it to be like that, it would not be like that. Because there is a reason for it to be like that, it is the way it is, deformed. Because there is a reason for it to be like that, and the reason for it is all clarified, the reason for all to be like that, the reason of the world to be like that, the reason for the origin of this deformation; and if there is this and that, there is a reason that caused and reason for the existence for this or that. The reason for you to be like that is in the reason of the way you were before you are like now. The reason of the way you were before now is in the reason of the way you were even before. The reason you were even before is in the reason of the way still before. And what were you still before? Pure, clean, and perfect Rationals. 

And from there came the consequences of the freewill of entering the piece that was not yet ready for progress, and then came the transformation through degeneration until the point you got of deformation, Rational deformation. Because you are of this origin, of Rational Origin, all that exists, first there is a reason for the existence of this or that. If the world is the way it is, there is a reason for the world to be that way. Then, let’s strive to find out the reason for this world, the reason for these beings, the reason for this origin and the reason before this origin. So, there is nothing that exists without the reason for its existence. 

Because you are Rationals, the reason for you to be Rational animals is that you were pure, clean, and perfect Rationals. This is the reason for you to be Rational animals. And so, today there is the history of all these reasons of you to be the way you were, in these brilliant Writings of the origin of all this formation, which is the reason for you to be the way you are. As a comparison: if there exists the son, it is because there is the father, the reason of being, the reason for this or that thing. If there exists another world that caused this one, what is this other world? The RATIONAL PLAIN. And what is the reason for this cause? A piece that was not ready to enter progress. 

For everything that exists, there is always a reason for the existence of this or that. It’s 
the same thing, there is no effect without a cause. If there is this or that effect, it is so because there is a cause, this or that. So, there it is, the history of all the descent and the history of all return, of the place of everyone’s origin. But many, distracted by the life of matter, never got to think about this, thinking life to be only this one. They never paid attention to themselves, much less to the origin of their being, Thinking life to be only this one, of Rational animals, living in this life of suffering, judging life the way they saw it and thinking that life had to be like this one, after they weak way to interpret things. 

People like that are people who only live for matter and are very afraid to suffer, not seeking the reason for things to be like that, because they think life is only the way it is. 

They are people with little vision, and because they do not have a healthy vision, they do not question the reason of things, the reason of the world, the reason of their being, and the reason of the causes that originated this being. They are people who do not want to be bothered, who do not want to worry, do not care, they think that everything has to be like the way it is and they keep standing this ‘sameness’, but no one stands suffering and they keep carrying on with so many contradictions because they judge life to be according to their opinion, their point of view. 

So, they are materialistic people, people who are based in only matter, due to their backwardness, never wanting to know about the origin of matter, not even wanting to know about anything else. They only want to know that life is matter and the basis is of matter and they say: “-We have to live with matter and out of matter. We don’t care to know the reason for the existence of matter, the reason for the existence of the world. We do not care about the existence of anything.” 

Why are there people like that? They are people who look like normal people, but who think worse than an animal. An animal does not have any resources in thought. 

These people like that become materialistic because they lack development in things they do not know. When they do, they realize the wasted time in thinking they were right to think like a materialistic one, and they see that they made a mistake against themselves. 

A materialistic one is he who does not see anything beyond matter, only relies on matter, and with time, when he wakes up, regret steps in, all because he is short of understanding. 

So, can’t you see that if there exists this world it is because there exists another one that originated it? But the materialistic one does not see this because he is dominated by matter, by the pleasures of life. So, he judges this life to be just this, to work, to suffer, and to die without knowing why and without wanting to know why; the understanding is short. He does not even see that there is no effect without a cause. If there are these effects, there is a cause for them. 

But the materialistic one is so much in illusion with matter that he does not care for the important things. What he thinks is important is only matter. When he wakes up, he remembers the Divine Order, he remembers that there exists a Good, he remembers of the beings of the above, the inhabitants of the above. But while in illusion, there is not enough time from so much attention to matter, he does not have time to look up, he only looks down, worried with matter, as all materialistic ones. With time his illusion wanes and he realizes this, because it is not in matter that the real being exists, and with time the life blows come about, the defeats, suffering, and from that the illusion ends. 

Then, he starts to think on the Divine Order. But while in illusion with matter, he does not admit anything beyond matter. He thinks that in matter is everything of life, he becomes fanatical, drunken by the material beings. For the materialistic one, there is only matter. Matter is everything. Matter is everything and with time, when the disillusion comes, he looks up and remembers the Divine Order. But only after disillusion, while in illusion, he does not want to know about anything, and that is why in the world there are many adventurers bringing about disorder, anarchy, dominated by matter. These are the one who bother others, the trouble makers of the world. 

The annoyers of the world live like bad beasts, having bad thoughts, doing evil, doing bad things. Because they are materialistic ones, they do not accept anything supernatural. 

They think the world is theirs, they are so drunken that they think life is theirs. They are people empty of the normal and natural principles of things. Thought is short and they cannot reach the supernatural, which is the real goal in life. All materialistic ones are wrongdoers and that is why they do not accept anything and do not respect anything. 

Matter for them is above everything. Because of matter, they fight, kill, and die. These people are the ones who annoy the good ones, who think about the supernatural, who think about the inhabitants of the beyond, think about the Divine Order, the grace of good. 

These people are the ones who live to do good, they are no materialistic ones, they recognize the Divine Order, and that is why they respect, beg to, and make they wishes to it. These ones live to do good and the materialistic ones live to do evil, evil to themselves. 

But with time disillusionment comes about in the life of all these evil doers and they join the way of the normal and natural rules, then starting to accept the supernatural. The supernatural means the inhabitants of the invisible world, because with time they realize, they bang they heads against the wall and see that life is not this one, that it is not in matter that there is everything that all needed, as the materialistic ones so think. 


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