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domingo, 31 de janeiro de 2021



Some who left RATIONAL PLAIN and entered in the part not ready to enter in progress, for not being ready, it started to detach from the Plain and came descending, and in that descending everything started to deform. They, losing the virtues, these accumulating, with time warming each time more, until it transformed into fire, and according they came progressing, this Plain losing virtues, like a thing that transforms into another, and these virtues gathering and forming infinity of bodies, visible and invisible ones. 

The visible ones are the planets, due to being deformed it is that they are different from one another, and according they came progressing they distanced themselves more and more from the light. The invisible ones are those who inhabit the space there and which came deforming. That light was warming that Plain and with time, due to the heat, a resin started to come out. With time, the extinction of those bodies came about. Those that extinguished on the gum, which got soft and gummy with the heat, generated the masculine sex and all male beings, and those who extinguished on the resin of the plain, generated, there, the feminine sex. 

And so, all beings of the feminine sex are originated from the resin, which clumped up with the heat, roasted, turned into coal and later ashes, to what was given the name of earth, and the Plain was softening, melting, turned into a gum, and from this gum a thick liquid and with time a thinner liquid and then it turned into water.

The invisible beings deformed themselves into the virtues that the Plain kept losing. They did not deform themselves completely. That is the reason why there are visible beings, which are the planets, and the invisible beings. All of this while they kept losing their virtues, the virtues forming other beings, like the moon, the stars, and other beings. 

After you deformed yourselves into Rational animals, you went through those twenty one eternities, all of those already clarified in the UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT. For you to know all of this, read the Book about the formation of where you came from, how you came, where you are going to, and how you are going. The Book about the origin of the beings, their formation and creation, the true genesis. 

And now, everyone with possession of RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, for you to return, once immunized, to your place of origin, which is RATIONAL PLAIN. That is why you were called Rational animals, due to the origin being Rational, but until now, you did not know the origin. You knew you were Rational animals, but you did not know why. And today you know your base of origin and know how to return to your true place through RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. 

You were pure, clean, and perfect Rationals on RATIONAL PLAIN. Due to freewill you deformed yourselves, you turned into beasts and thus you call yourselves Rational animals, due to the origin being Rational. 

You were enchanted due to not knowing how to provide a solution to your being. You did not know why you were like that, much less why the world is like that. And today, disenchanted, you know the entire transcription about the origin of everything and everyone, the reason of the world and of everyone to be like that.

Today all enigmas unveiled, all mysteries, and you are connoisseur of the true right path of everyone, which is RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. It is necessary to immunize to return to the place of origin, to not be born anymore there in that enchantment, wasting time with that life of suffering. 

Then, who made yourselves like that? It was the same ones who are there. 

Who created the world like that? It was the same ones who are there. 

Who is to blame for all that suffering? It is the same ones who are there. 

Who is to blame for you be living in illusion, in fantasy, suffering, seeing death all the time, due to not having any warranty, living unbalanced, annoyed with life? It is the same ones who are there. You are the causers of all that, of that rough deceit, where everything is apparently worthy, but in truth it is worth nothing, because appearances are not truths. You came from nothing; you formed yourselves into an apparent everything, and boiled down again into nothing. 

Who is to blame for all of that? It is the same ones who are there. And for that, the world lives on account of its own inhabitants, without knowing what to do to straighten it out. You never could because you are not from there. If you were from that world, you would be eternals, because you are not from there, you disappear without expecting. 

Who is to blame for all of that? It is the same ones who are there. 

Who is to blame for those disappointments, those illusions, for that entire deceiving prelude? It is all who are there.

Therefore, do not waste more time, read to become immunized and to return to your place of origin, through RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. No one is happy with this world, no one is happy with life, because no one is happy with suffering, no one is happy with death. Who is to blame? It is all who are there! And so, at last, it arrived the day for everyone to know where you came from, how you came, why you came, where you are going to, how you are going, through RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION.


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