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domingo, 31 de janeiro de 2021


Hats off to humanity, because the situation of the human being is defined from start to finish. The situation of everyone is defined, the situation of the world id defined, the formation and creation of the world is defined and told, the formation and creation of the beings that inhabit the world, the origin and how everything was formed like this, how it got deformed like this and you got to live like this, as the irrationals. 

Yes, the electric and magnetic fluid produces in the human being the mood of beasts, the evil mood of the irrational. All beasts have a mood, all animal has a mood, not knowing the reason it is the electric and magnetic. 

The magnetic charge produces the mood, anger, hate, madness, which turns the civilized one into a monster, turns the civilized into a savage one, turns the civilized into a mad one, turns the civilized into a criminal, a wrongdoer. All are due to the influence of the magnetic charges, and that is why there is no effect without a cause. The effects are on the human being. All of these mal adjustments, all of this unbalance, is there because of a cause you did not know. The cause is the electric and magnetic fluid, which enters the ‘I’ of the person, governs the person, the person’s being, as it happens with beasts, as it happens with the irrational. The human being was being played by these two actions, the electric and magnetic. The human being was almost comparable to the savages and the irrational animals. 

In the electric and magnetic are all poisons, all ruins that are causing unrest in the human being, so much so that the human being does things, says things, and regrets it later. But while affected by the magnetic fluid, he is a beast, when the fluid retreats, he realizes it and regrets what he did, the evil he did. 

When the fluid remains inside the ‘I’ of the person, he takes long to regret the evil done. 

And so, there it is more or less the nature of the human being told. 

Life is good, but with the fluid of one’s origin, then life is good. But with the electric and magnetic fluid life is bad, suffering does not end, suffering does not stop. Those who do not know nature say: “We came here to suffer, suffer is of life, we are paying back something we did. We are here paying what we owe, each one with his lessons. Suffer is a consequence of life.” Those who do not know the reason of things talk like that. But no one wants to suffer; they suffer because there is no other option, because there was no other option. 

Now the remedy is over there, the fluid of the origin of the human being, the Rational Fluid, to cure all maladies of the body, to cure all maladies of life.

The bad lessons, bad experiences, the agonies, suffer, worries will end; all evil to the human being will end because he will no longer be under the domination of the electric and magnetic fluid, the fluid of the irrationals. 

He will be under the fluid of his Rational origin, the basis is different, Rational is pure, clean, and perfect. The irrational basis is imperfect, full of defects. The basis of the irrational is that of the monsters. 

The electric and magnetic fluid is the fluid that causes monstrosities, it is the fluid of the monsters, of the irrationals. 

But the human being under the influence of these two fluids became a monster to regret it later. 

Now here comes the fixation of the human being through the Rational Fluid, the integral balance, the balance of the true goodness, of the real goodness, which you never knew. Not this apparent good, of the electric and magnetic, but a goodness different from this one, of the electric and magnetic, a true goodness, which you will know after becoming immune by the fluid of your true Rational origin. 

That is why this is disenchantment, you disenchanted yourself, you saved yourself. 

The enchanted one suffers in bitterness because he was enchanted, but now the disenchantment is over there. 

And then comes the recovery of the world through the fluid of everyone’s origin. 

The Supreme Voice to everything and everyone, the Rational Voice, the voice of the Rational Fluid, will enter into all electric and magnetic apparatuses, which are the human beings, to talk to everyone, because everyone is of Rational Origin. 

The Supreme Voice to everything and everyone is the voice of the origin of everyone, the Rational Voice, the voice of the RATIONAL PLAIN, the voice of every human being’s command, because everyone is of Rational Origin and that is why you were called Rational animals. 

You were unaware of your origin because you were enchanted ones, and today there is the disenchantment over there, getting to know your true origin. 

The fluid of the Supreme Voice to everything and everybody is the fluid of the origin of the human being, the Rational Fluid. You were under the electric and magnetic fluid, which was inside the ‘I’ of everyone, to dominate everyone, like irrational animals. That is why you were vegetating like that. 

Today there has entered inside everyone’s ‘I’ the true natural, which is the fluid of the origin of the human being, the Rational Fluid, to talk to everyone, converse with 

The Supreme Voice to everything and everyone, because it is from the RATIONAL PLAIN, where there are the other beings with their progress of purity, from where everyone left, or from where everyone came. 

This voice will enter into the ‘I’ of everyone, which is the fluid of everyone’s origin, talk to everyone, guide everyone to everyone’s good and universal happiness, the Rational Fluid. 

You were under the influence of the irrational fluid, of the electric and magnetic, being dominated, guided, and oriented by the fluid of the irrational animal. 

Nothing could have worked, as nothing ever worked. That is why today it is one 
thing, tomorrow another, today it is right, tomorrow not. Always everything changing because the electric and magnetic fluid is out of balance. You all have been guided by
both these torturers of humanity, bringing everyone to unbalance, confusing everyone, putting everyone from Herodes to Pilates, in such an infernal unbalance with oneself. 

Today, coming to everyone’s knowledge the Supreme Voice, which is the Rational Voice, describing why you were living like that and why you were like that. You will no longer live with the electric and magnetic fluid because the description of both these 
fluids is over there, the reason for these effects, and the fluid of the true natural of 
everyone, which is the Rational Fluid. 

The Supreme Voice to everything and everyone will talk to everyone, guide everyone, confer with everyone about all matters, because there has now arrived on Earth the fluid of our true origin, the Rational Fluid of the origin of the Rational animals. 

Everyone will now establish contact with their true origin of pure, clean, and perfect Rationals, you who left your base of origin. 

There it is, all the history in the book ‘UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT’ and congratulations to everyone in the entire world because you got the knowledge of your true basis of origin, and because there was suffering of everyone in this world. You are born only to suffer, without knowing why you were born, without knowing why you are born, without knowing where you came from, how you came, and without knowing where you are going, and how you are going. 


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