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"It is to see how complicated all this is, needing to explain in different ways to prove the nullity of these things and the certainty of others. The living being, when he is born there in this land, already finds all this and goes on admitting it as a thing of great benefit, however, suffering is enough to verify that everyone is wrong and that the world goes through the condition of "save whoever can".  This is the conclusion that the living being draws, then born in him greed, greed, the need and the effort to always rise and improve, afraid of suffering and doing everything to win wars, struggles, confusions, annoyances,  aiming for everyone to improve more and more. "(Page, 165, 1st. Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).

CONSIDERATIONS: These clarifications are necessary for everyone to understand, understand and can distinguish things well. The world is going through difficult times, we all know the reasons and causes and RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION has already arrived in the world, however, the world is not yet on account of RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, which is very little missing!

Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish the chaff from the wheat, since in relation to the situation of imbalance, bankruptcy and moral, physical and financial settlement, which are an integral part of our current and global reality, it is worth remembering that there are two phases in the world: one of  RECOVERY and RESTORATION of humanity and another for the liquidation of the achievements of the phase that ended, which was the phase of Rational Animal, the phase of civilization.

The recovery phase is the Rational Phase, the phase of peace, love, fraternity and universal harmony for the development of Reasoning, obtained through the daily reading of the Universe Books in Disenchantment. At this stage, the inhabitants of the Rational World are at work on Earth, who are our brothers of origin, pure, clean and perfect beings, from a world far superior to ours, which is the RATIONAL WORLD, from which everything and everyone originated! So, the Inhabitants of the Rational World are helping humanity, protecting, supporting, guarding, guiding and guiding, so that humanity can recover, entering the Rational Phase.

But this World is a Rational deformation and that is why it has its raw part, its sick part, its bad part and evil itself destroys itself, destroys itself, until it reaches its final point of destruction, which is well  little missing. So, anyone who doesn't know the natural movements of Nature thinks that the world is about to end.  No, the world is not about to end because the RECOVERY PHASE is here! What is about to end are the achievements of the phase that has ended; what is about to end is the part of the evil, or the evil, this is what is ending to be banished from the face of the Earth!

But unfortunately, you can't make an omelet without breaking the eggs!

Whenever Nature changes phases, there are disturbances in the life of mankind, because Nature needs to put an end to the deeds of a delayed phase, in order to establish the bases of another higher phase. That's how it was when Nature ended the phase of the savages to implement the phase of civilization! Now, Nature is completing this whole process of phase changes and has entered the final stage of the evolution of humanity, moving from the Rational Animal phase to the Rational Phase, which is the last phase of the life of matter, the phase in which all  humanity will know the world of our race and know how to return to Him!  Because we are of Rational race and that is why we were classified as Rational Animals!

Therefore, the Rational Phase is the phase of the Inhabitants of the Rational World, the true Owners of the World and who are working night and day and day and night for the recovery of the world and all of humanity!  Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to all!

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