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quinta-feira, 29 de junho de 2023



Both Santa Odília and an infinity of prophets of that time, gave their very accurate descriptions of what the world is and what was going to happen in the world, what point everyone would reach, the end of it, which would be the Universal Redemption of all, through knowledge equivalent to this one, which is RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. Knowing that, when it appeared to the world, as it did now, everyone would accept it as the form of Universal Redemption.

Many other prophets appeared, each with his prophecy; some right and some wrong. A few adventurers made their prophecies according to their imaginations and their ways of interpreting their adventures. Others were more certain. (Page 112/113, 1st. Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR)

CONSIDERATIONS: As we said before, RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION has already been announced many centuries ago! And his first announcements were through Nostradamus and Saint John. Now, completing the list of prophets who advocated its emergence on Earth, we come across Saint Odília! These and other announcements were prophesied because these prophets were connected with the organizations that govern life, receiving from them intuitions and communications about future events involving everyone's lives (at the beginning of the Rational Excerpts we spoke about the organizations that govern life).

It is important to stress that, although we are talking about Prophets, Saints and Saints, RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION must be understood in the context of real natural, existential and original Knowledge, since it is not linked to any sect, doctrine, religion or any philosophical-scientific knowledge.

Modernly, several philosophers, scientists, men of science, thinkers, etc... weave considerations about the existence of man, about the world and about life and, occasionally, speak indirectly about a knowledge capable of removing the stone that hovers over the mysteries, enigmas and phenomena involving the world and its creation. Among them, we always like to highlight the prophecy of the Indian philosopher Rabindranath Tagore, which we will transcribe below.

"Tagore traveled the world giving lectures, having visited more than 30 countries on five continents. In 1924, he made a visit to Peru, at the invitation of the Peruvian government. The following week, he paid a visit to Buenos Aires, Argentina. A former -student of the Sociedade de Yoga Internacional N.D. collected data from the interview with master Tagore, published by the Chilean journalist Alaro Hinojosa, during Tagore's visit to South America".

Tagore said: “In my short trip to North, Central and South America, I noticed the symptoms of the sparks of consciousness that announce the arrival of the Superior Man. A Superior Man will appear who will be the Common Denominator of these peoples and capable of incarnating the idea of ​​Universal Unity. His Voice excellence will be heard before long; the people, the lords of the world, should know how to recognize with the development given by HIM, of a transcendental Culture of Origin.

We have a right to expect the fruit of that harvest from the Sower. HE will be the Messiah, the Instructor, the Superior Man. The one who will appear and be followed by the whole world. HE is the manifestation of the Light of Truth on Earth and all this is related to the current spiritual movement, mainly in Latin America with the Focus in Brazil.

HE, the Superior Man, will come as the Word that is the Word, the Divine Light, bringing a New Dawn to the world, and pouring over regenerated and free humanity, new guidelines of new values, based on transcendental knowledge. There will be a Temple dedicated to the Universal Father. This Superior Man and his Majestic Silhouette is from the Supreme Teacher of the World, for Universal repair.

Brazil will be the spiritual capital of the world, as the Cradle of the New Brazilian Culture, for being the Spiritual Center connected with other Worlds. For it is in Brazil that the event will take place, from which the Sublime Light of Truth will originate with the New Work, which the Superior Man will offer to men ". (By Antonio dos Santos and Ângela Maria). Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to all!


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