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domingo, 7 de julho de 2024



Then, what is RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION? It is a light focus from the Rational part.

How is this light focus? This light focus is like, as a simple comparison, a spot light there on Earth. The living being becomes illuminated with this kind of spot light, which is made from the Rational part, much above this vacuum. Through this light, everything from the Rational part is broadcasted to the spokespeople there on Earth.

That is called, then: RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. In the beginning, an invisible light is formed. After a certain time, the living being starts to see, more or less, a silvery, very clear light, which is called RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. After all becoming immunized, everyone will be illuminated by this light, which is the Rational Light.

This is a simple comparison, to analyze of how RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION is done, which the living being, at first, does not see, but feels.

Now you ask: "-And this light will shine to the living being day and night?" I say: yes!

And so, after universally immunized, the sun's light will get much smaller, it will start almost extinguish, due to predominating a light superior to it, which is RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION.

You still ask: "-And will there be disturbance on nature?" No, everything will change naturally and so, you will not feel any of the effects. Once the door from up here is open, it is to embrace everyone universally. Then you say: "- We want to know all about RATIONAL PLAIN up there and much beyond." And I say: you never got to know that world you inhabit, how come you want to already know up here without being here?

You always lived there in that world, learning until death, without knowing anything and, because of it, the mysteries were always maintained. You always had that world as a mysterious nature. You never knew how you were made, how that world was made, or who made you. You did not know where you came from and where you are going to. You did not know why you lived in that world and in these conditions.

You do not yet know everything about this world you inhabit, but you want to know everything here from the Rational part? How come? When you get here, yes, you will know everything, bit by bit, from the Rational part, why things here are the way they are and much beyond. Wanting to reach above RATIONAL Plain is for the blind and imprudent living being.

The living being asks: "-Ah! I want you, at least by description, to tell me how it is." Well! Here they are the clearest data in this Writing, with true and proved bases, because the theory is very good, but practice is much better. The mania of many is to start where others finish, and you lived in this world for so many cons without unveiling your beginning and your end and you want already know about where you are not in yet. As I explained to you, the Plain up here is very large, much larger than that world you inhabit. The progress is different. The bodies are pure, clean, perfect, and without defects. Life is of purity and there is no suffering of any kind. They are eternal. They are not animals, much less exist two sexes; it is only one being. Food is much different from that, used by you, as much different are the living beings that inhabit here this Plain.

Don't you see the sun? It is a living being, and much above it, in the Rational part, there are other beings. But different are these bodies; they do not have legs and hands, they are not hairy, they are not animals. Like the sun, it does not have legs or hands, but it walks.

These are needed explanations, because there are living beings that the more explanation, the more explanation they
want, and others, with half words, get soon to the end of subject and understand everything.

There are too rude natures and others less, some reaching with facility in hours what others take months and years to reach. These data are for all to read. I must always answer better than you wish, making you know what RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION is and how it comes about to the living being. I made this insignificant comparison with the spot light because in this way there is the understanding with the spokespeople.

( Universe in Disenchantment)


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