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domingo, 16 de junho de 2024



"All are spokespersons. But the living being asks: - "Is the person speaking? Yes, it's the person, but only what the Rational part wants. Comparing, it is the same effect with electric radios. Whose radios are mouthpieces? From the broadcasters and what the broadcasters want, that's what these spokespeople convey. And why is this done? Because the world is an electric and magnetic set; and speaking at one end of the world is the same thing as speaking from here, since, through these spokesmen, everything is known in every part of the world. Proof that the world is an electric and magnetic set, is that these devices were already made with that nature. It's like radios that are made to transmit everything; also the living being has already been made with the nature to become immunized, and to be spokesperson of the Rational part". (Page 89, 1st. Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).

CONSIDERATIONS: We learned in Rational Knowledge that the human being is an Astrological Center and that, as such, with time, he had to find RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION in himself and in Her, the spokesperson of the truth of truths, due to the nature of beings to be adequate to the nature that made them, since we are formed by this nature and, therefore, we depend on it to live, being certain that we are formed by seven particles! Well then, and where are these particles? They are distributed like this: one in the Sun, another in the Moon, another in the Stars, another in the water, another in the land, another in the animals and another in the vegetables! It's the seven parts of why we are like this!

We have already said that the world is a gigantic transmission network and we are the receiving devices, the receivers of all these transmissions, being certain that man is an electric and magnetic device that receives all the transmissions of this electric and magnetic set, which is the world. And where do we get these transmissions and what transmissions are these? Very well, all these transmissions are received in our brain, which works like a clock with seven hands, being certain that each hand marks its action, which is reflected in thought and feeling. And what transmissions are these? They are the thoughts, the imaginations, the intuitions, the inspirations, the aspirations, the orientations, the conscious, the unconscious, the subconscious, etc... And why does this happen? Because we were formed that way by this nature!

In this way, we are true tools, instruments, transmitters, devices of nature! And what is the purpose of all this? Preparing the human being so that he can develop, mature and know himself, aiming to return him to his true World of Origin! Yes, my friends! We are not from this world! We are here, but we are not from here; and because we are not from here, it is because here where we are we have no right to live, we are therefore suffering and mortal.

So, nature made us like devices, so that when the opportune moment came we could get to know each other, so we would know how to get back to the world we came from. And the moment has now arrived! And for that and for that, RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION is here! (By Antônio dos Santos and Angela Maria). Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to all!


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