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"Therefore, spiritualism is a part of astrology. The spirits are living on Earth, but they do not have the balance of everyone in the world. All spirits work according to the mission they have to fulfill and only exert their influence on Earth , because nature revolted, when humans stopped being guided by the alphabet given by it, to follow the one they invented to expand their wills. This was what gave rise to the revolt of spirits and nature and this opened up on Earth , the door that gave entry to the beings of the stars, who are progressing there, according to the education and instruction provided by the living." (Page 144, 1st Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).

CONSIDERATIONS: We have already said that, at the time when humanity was governed and guided by the astrological alphabet, the map of life that everyone has in the palm of their hands, everyone lived very well, as there was balance and respect between everyone. However, those dissatisfied with their destinies traced in the astrological alphabet, gradually changed this alphabet and created a new one that satisfied all their desires and desires. As generations passed, the astrology alphabet was abandoned and humanity began to live in an unbalanced way and lost the right path in life.

Aiming to help, support, guard and guide humanity, nature allowed the inhabitants of space (or the stars, however they want to interpret it) to act among human beings, thus helping humanity, helpless due to the abandonment of the astrological alphabet.

At the beginning of this performance, the inhabitants of the space began to incorporate themselves into people, some broke everything inside the house; others became stiff, immobilized, suddenly paralyzed; others were unconscious for several days; others began to speak in different and foreign languages, which was certainly a big deal at the time! Therefore, there was a lot of rejection and difficulty in accepting the actions of the inhabitants of the space, as everything is like that in the beginning. The wise men of the time (these facts began during the time of the wise men's rule) said that this was a strange disease.

Due to the increase in the frequency of these incorporations and these cases, the wise men began to meet to discover the medicine to cure these patients, as everyone was alarmed by that strange disease.

After countless fruitless meetings, one day an idea came up: who knows if this might be souls from another world chasing these sick people? There was a consensus among the wise men and everyone started to admit that idea, calling a meeting and inviting all those sick people to communicate the discovery of the disease: they were souls who were chasing and wanted to communicate! The wise men gathered everyone around a table, asked them to close their eyes and think about souls. And it was that thing: everyone joined in at the same time and, so that they would be well received by everyone, they began to describe their mission and say that they were the soul of their grandfather; the father's soul; the mother's soul; the soul of a deceased uncle, in short, the soul of deceased family members.

So, this was the emergence of spiritualism on Earth, and it is true that the inhabitants of space (or the stars), in order to be well received and accepted by everyone, had to use this subterfuge in order to help all of humanity. Therefore, spiritualism evolved, grew and progressed in carrying out its noble mission of preparing all humanity to be in a position to understand and comprehend the superior phase that would arrive, as it did, which is the Rational Phase, the Third Millennium Phase . The phase in which everyone would get to know each other, know who they are, why they are that way, where everyone came from and where everyone is going, how they came and how they are going!

Finally, we can only thank the great spiritual mission, which ended in 1935, when the Rational Phase, the phase of peace, love, fraternity and universal harmony, entered nature! (By Antonio dos Santos and Ângela Maria. Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to everyone!


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