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domingo, 31 de março de 2024



In a post of light, fraternity and love, what should be done? To watch always to the benign consistencies multiply more and more to those who contemplate what should be contemplate.

The laziness, greed, discouragement are for people who do not have in hand what I give to you. You should never contemplate evil and base yourself on it, because the more you contemplate evil and base yourself on it, the worse you get, the more you worry, the more discouraged you get, the more you live on sadness and unhappiness.

Therefore, the living being who has the plant of salvation in hands, what should do? Contemplate, love, to always get better. Those who seeks the plant of salvation, does so because he wants to be saved, who contemplates, does so because he wants to be contemplated, be served, and he will be so, beyond need.

Therefore, the time the living being spent contemplating evil, to think in this, in that or in that other, worried about this or that, with everything that annoys, bothers, and despair, must contemplate what is the most useful, what gives happiness, encouragement, aggrandize the inner, and strengthens from all points of view. You must contemplate the Writing. But the evil in many is to preoccupy with evil when they have tranquility at hand, which is the Writing.

Innumerable times I have repeated: read, the more you can, to free yourselves from all these contraventions you are subject to, due to depending on the material beings, on matter, on evil.

Then, to form the vocabulary, you constituted the material being, which divided in prenosyllables becomes: matter or material. And due to the vocation of the evil life being territorial or terrestrial, you are subjugated by evil, by the beings adored by you, adorned and lapidated, invoked by this being from evil's domain. Dominated by evil, and not dominating evil, you are sucked up by evil.

That is why I repeat: read for you to be healed from all that dizzying turpitudes. And you, no! Once in a while you get dizzy because you are evil, for wanting only evil. Yes! Because I put the good in your hands and say: Read it! And why don't you read, why don't you obey? Because you do not want goodness, you want evilness! And because you want evil, it is why you worry more about it than good.

And that is why you become confused with everything, annoyed by everything, suspected of everything, angry for nothing. Finally, a series of discontentment, of discouragement and the living being saying he is indeed pushed, living with the head full that he cannot stand it anymore.

All of this, why? For being harmful to yourselves. And to the harmful ones, so it happens, because you are harmful due to your wanting. And so, to free yourselves of all of this, it is there, in hands, your equilibrium, which is the knowledge I give you, of things the way they are.

I tell you to read innumerable times. And where is the request accomplished? I say: read! And your consciousness already tells something else very different, like someone who does not have time to take care of the goodness of oneself. But you have time to take care of evil and who takes care of evil, suffers because only thinks on everything which is evil.

The more you think the more evil you become and more distant from good you get.

Goodness straightens evilness, but evilness does not straighten goodness. And so are the effluviums of those who live in this ardent fireplace of matter, which content is evil and evil is its product. The rude ones want to find good fruit in evil, which is the material being. Only ideas of rude ones! The rude ones, of good, do not want anything, and due that they do not have time to read, they do not have time to worry about good. They only have time to worry about what is of rudeness, of evil, which is the material being.

Matter is so disgusting that you repel it when it melts and know that all of this is a disgusting mud pit, with a high apparent value, but with no real value. Because appearances are not true and these noblemen of darkness keep trying to feed with these worries, always cursing this material life, basing themselves more in evil and putting good to the side, saying that good is to when there is time. "-Huh! Read? Only when I have time!" You don't have time to worry about good, only to worry about evil. So, what do you want? Evil! You think on good, but you do not search it, you do not have time to read. You do not have time to worry about good; you only have time to worry about evil, and so going from bad to worse. There are living beings who think that they are very knowledgeable and they live in this pig's knowledge, always bad, because evil continues.

Who wants to have his ideas clean, clear, and at ease, seek for good because only good develops everything from good to better and evil only takes everything from bad to worse.

Living beings that do not have time to read, only have time to worry about evil, seem to have good sense, but they do not.

They seem to regulate, but they don't. In mental institutions there are people with more sense than many who are outside and should be inside.

Those who are outside are the ones who say they do everything to go all right.

How dare! You already see that they do not regulate.

They are always thinking and worrying about evil, when they should only worry about good, to go always from good to better.

The living being is not a machine to work day and night without stopping, he must have his time of resting, his times free.

And so, I, here always waking up these youngsters who live sleeping with their eyes open and due that, they cannot see what is right, where the conveniences are to go always to better and not to worse. Waking up these Turks, who think they are in Turkey and go rounding up customers, but the customer does not help in any way. Instead of first coming to the right place, no; they first go to the doubtful point, for afterwards, coming to the right place. You still should consider yourselves fortunate in having Me, here, RATIONAL SUPERIOR showing you the good and correct.



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