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quinta-feira, 14 de março de 2024




“Therefore, whoever sees things as they are, will always be contemplated and will always be above suffering. He will no longer carry crosses full of torments, as many living beings pass to the point of going crazy, seeing the moment that they will no longer be able to live like this, without knowing what they are going to do with their lives. They are the stubborn and rebellious ones, who do not know the true natural orders of things and stop being guided by them, to be guided by the wrong of the wrong, always making mistakes, going like this, each time more from bad to worse.

This is for those who confuse the true natural with the natural created by your ancestors. Thus creating this confusion that you are seeing. Nobody understands each other; big and small. The confusion is between all the layers.  At the same moment that they are agreeing, they are disagreeing, because of this natural that is not true.

See that way, that they are betrayed by a fantasy, living only on hypocrisy;  therefore, the world has become a madhouse.  Therefore, do not base yourselves on the things of the world, because those who do so suffer a lot, and those who recognize this great error win by natural methods, achieving everything they want." (Pág. 147/148, 1st. Volume, Livro UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).

CONSIDERATIONS: It is necessary and necessary to understand and understand that we are living in this world, but that we are outside our true natural state! And because we are outside our natural, we have no right to live here and we live with extreme difficulty, exposed to all natural and artificial evils, to all diseases and to all misfortunes.

And why this happens? Because we live in a world where we don't know the reason for its existence and because we live in this world, unknown to ourselves! This is the life condition of the human being in this Earth Galaxy! Nobody knows why he was born here;  nobody knows why it came here;  no one knows where it came from, much less where it goes, after death!

This total ignorance of our existence represents a void in the lives of many and a despair for those who seek to know the right of things.

Because of this, countless human beings live because they have life, but they have lost the taste and pleasure of living! And many embark on crooked paths, because they lack the true knowledge that clarifies how life should be lived.

So, the inevitable question arises: why is life like this and what happened to bring her to this unsettling and worrying situation?  What were the reasons that determined the course of life in this sense? Is there still a way out?  Or is it that life and the world no longer have a solution?

For many modern thinkers, life and the world no longer have a solution! However, they forget the fundamental prism of existence: no one owns life, let alone the world! So, how can we say that life and the world no longer have a solution, if it wasn't us who made life, let alone the world?

Today, through the knowledge contained in the Books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, we are verifying that life and the world have a solution! And that the solution is in the hands of the Owner of life and the world!  And the Owner is here, now, providing all the clarifications and giving us all the complete, accurate and necessary resources to find all the solutions for life and for the world!

So, my friends, get to know the Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, to settle your lives in a definite and definitive way! (By Antonio dos Santos and Ângela Maria). Translated by Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to all!


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