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domingo, 4 de fevereiro de 2024



The light of the old world is the darkness that is why you only see by means of fire. Who lives in darkness, lives within fire, and due to that, when fire goes to illuminate other worlds, on the other side is night, everything in darkness. Those who live in darkness do not know what they say, what they do, what they want, where they came from, or where they are going to, they do not know why they live, why they were born, the reason for their existence and the reason for the existence of everything else. Therefore, all they know is to talk nonsense and think others more.

The knowledge you have is null, of an obscure that does not know anything. Darkness is so much that you can only see by means of fire. Fire during the day and at night and those who live within fire cannot be in peace, due to the fire, until they possess the true knowledge, which is in RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION.

Cannot you see that during the day the heat is unbearable due to fire? Don't you know that you are being cooked and that is why you get softer until you cannot walk anymore? You use to say: "-Old one!" You are not old, but cooked by the heat of fire, day and night. Why? Due to you being in darkness, buried in darkness in such a way that no one understands one another in the universe, you are not happy with anything, whether you are rich or poor, because you are being cooked by fire.

And where there is fire, there cannot be satisfaction, much less happiness. If it were so, the rich ones would be very happy, because they have more than they need, they do not do what they don't want to, but in the end, they are the ones who suffer the most.

Therefore, you need to notice carefully that everyone lives in darkness. Therefore, darkness is the brilliant of the human being, day and night, deep. You agonize for being cooked by the fire.

Through RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION you all will arrive to the knowledge of yourselves and everything will change with time, which is one of the greatest masters to those who live stuffed with so much misery. There is no old age. Old age is one word like all others to adorn the human. being, who is so out of his natural, word created and invented here on Earth by the animal being, who does not know anything of natural, who knows nothing of his nature, and due to not knowing how they were made, they are cooked, and as they are being cooked, they weaken, the flesh softens, becomes soft, due to being cooked. Therefore, life and the things are completely out of their true being.



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