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quarta-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2024



"What do you give to nature? Nothing! You take everything from it. You are nothing more than true parasites, exploiting nature in every way to live better, while nature does not need human beings. You are the ones who need everything to live They didn't do anything. When they arrived, they found everything, and from everything they found, they transformed it, according to their convenience, dilapidating it to see if they could acquire a more comfortable way of life.

They are all consumers, devastating what they didn't do, what they don't know how it was done, much less who did it. In the certainty that they are building, they say: - "We are the ones in charge here." They are unconscious, daring, arrogant and insolent. They devastate, destroy and modify what is not theirs, what they did not build and which, when they were born, they already found built." (Page 255, 1st. Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).

CONSIDERATIONS: In the teachings contained in the Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, of Rational Culture, we learn that the world is going through a transition between a phase of moral, physical and financial liquidation and another of recovery! And look what a beautiful lesson RATIONAL SUPERIOR, author of the Book, presents us with in this magnificent passage!

"In the world, there is already too much calamity; injustices are of all forms; tortures are of all calibers, precisely because of envy, greed and ambition. Those who deserve to be punished are not and those who do not they deserve, they are. Those who deserve to be punished are those who do not pay and those who do not deserve, are those who pay; those who deserve it, have comfort relative to their needs and those who do not deserve it, have too much; those who work, they strive, they fight, they lose their health and their lives in their efforts to work, they deserve nothing and those who do none of these things deserve everything and have the right to enjoy life in the best way they understand, giving expansion to their ideals and their desires ".

"What we see in the world is the empire of greed and ambition; and that's why some want a piece of bread, however hard it may be, and they don't have it; they go and pick it up in the trash can of those they have to throw away, subjecting They eat leftovers from what they have to spare. Some want warm clothes, they don't have any, they die of cold and hunger; others have to throw away. Some want medicine and don't have any; they die because they can't get treatment and others throw their money away "

"So, for a Universal corrective in humanity, Mars came to martyr everyone in such a way, that they will be forced, in order to live, to look for another, gentler way. Planet Mars came to put an end to universal injustice, where fair pay by the sinner, due to greed, envy and ambition that devours people's hearts. Therefore, the influence of Mars can be called the Justice of heaven, the Justice of Nature, Natural Justice, which does not fail, because Mars will take charge and put an end to all of this in a short time; with the will of unlimited free will, emperor of ruins".

"And in this period of time, in this anguished situation throughout the world, this Writing UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT begins to emerge among everyone. People looking for a better way of living, no longer bearing the suffering, embrace it wholeheartedly! ".(SUPERIOR RATIONAL). Collaboration: Antonio dos Santos and Ângela Maria. Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to everyone!


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