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"Look now, how the confusions have always been tremendous, for not being able to unveil the reason for this appalling enchantment, the reason for this unbearable life and in such a way, to the point of being disgusted with themselves, of having the sadness of being as they are: rotten, greasy, stingy and stinky, intolerant of everyone. This is the reason for the multiplication of artifices, invented to soften and appear what they are not, created to be able to live more deluded and suffer more and more; relief, which never brought any sparkle, except hypocrisy.

There they are all betrayed by this typhoon of ruins, where suffering shines all over the world and everyone is clamoring for a better life, leaving everything in the hope that it is the last to die. This is why the living being concludes that life is worth nothing, that life has no value, just as everything has only apparent value, but truly, it is worth nothing.

The illusion has made everyone so stupid that nonsense is seen in all corners and on all sides. They fight for everything in hellish sacrilege. This is a world of wonders in name only. Where there are sufferings and miseries, there are no wonders, there is appearance.” (Page 258, 1st Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: Rational Superior).

CONSIDERATIONS: We have said before that we are living outside of our true natural state. And because we are out of the natural, it is that our life is temporary and fleeting, because here we are not the owners of life and, therefore, we lose life without wanting to lose it, since outside of our natural we do not have the right to live.

We have already said that we are beings of Rational origin and that is why we were classified as Rational animals, or rather, animals of Rational origin! And if we have an origin, as we do, we have to find out where that origin is and what we have to do to get back to it!  It is in this context that RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION and the UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT book come into vogue!

At the origin is the true natural of everything and everyone, with its supreme and sovereign power!  Yes, my friends, we have an origin, now discovered through the messages contained in the Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, which was dictated from our true origin, to teach us how we can return to it and, by extension, to our true state natural of being, which is of pure, clean and perfect Rationals and of eternal life.

So, my friends, we learn in Rational Knowledge that there is in every human being the link with our true origin, with our true World of Origin. And it is extremely important that every human being gets to know each other, to know how to develop our original link and connect it to our true World of Origin. This development is provided in a simple and natural way and within the reach of anyone and everyone, regardless of their philosophical, scientific, religious convictions and even in their absence! (By Antonio dos Santos and Angela Maria).  Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to all!


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