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sábado, 9 de dezembro de 2023



The conscience of the virile suffering human is a conscience of misery and pain. But many are based on the talk: "-So and so has no conscience, if he had, he would not do what he does." Parrots who learned to talk about conscience because they heard the other talk about it, thinking they were very right and acting in a ridiculous and shameful way to those who know life.

Then the infant asks: "-And how can we stop being so unbalanced in relation to RATIONAL SUPERIOR?" I say: it is necessary to read a lot, not just a bit. Read these Rational Writings a lot to become integrally immunized. Then, your faulty conscience from a savage animal disappears and remains the true one, which is the Rational, Rational consciousness, which you use there, in the world, to call without knowing.

There is the subconscious, and this one is superior to the conscious. Then you say: "-The subconscious!" But the word is RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION and you know that in RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION there is no hierarchy; once immunized, everyone is equal.

In the subconscious, there is superiority between one to another, and being RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION a natural thing, everyone will be immunized and everyone will become equal. This is a warning to those who think that consciousness is a solid and perfect thing, and in examining the things, one sees that it has nothing solid, and even less, perfect.

Then the infant says: "-What is it worth to us living like that?" I reply: it is worth nothing! Because you came from nothing, you are nothing and into nothing you return. Therefore, you give so much value to everything which is worth nothing, due to you being inebriated, in illusion and betraying yourselves.

Life is summarized in a rasure of misunderstanding. And the living beings, at the same time they understand each other, they are misunderstanding. As it is, you live in agreement for a while and disagree at a later time. Due to the rasures of life, due to the effluviums of epoperiums, due to the whispering chrysanthemums, due to the wreath of frauds created without limits, which subjugate the beings to live like this, horribly.

And so, in all walks of life, everything lives in the pale pretentious and stupid life of the cleopantoms. Cleopantom means educated with authority to reach an elderly age without having the tyrocinium of the true things to be able to live without being bored. Where there are worries, there is backwardness. Where there are complaints, there is backwardness and suffering. What is it worth to the living being worried today, being so afflicted and in a short time being happy and satisfied? Who worries is a retarded one, is a cleopantom. The living being who learns not to worry is a living being with a lot of Rational equilibrium and the living being who worries about everything is an unbalanced, is a beast, is an uneducated one with the title of civilized, without being so.

Therefore, the intelligent living being, the king of the wise men never worries about anything. The mediocre being worries about everything and suffers the consequences of his mediocrity. The living being who has the Rational equilibrium does not mind the mediocre, to what this one does or says, but faces the mediocre the way it should be faced.

See, therefore, that the world is so far away from the Rational equilibrium. And that is why you live like beasts, in misunderstanding, without knowing what you are doing, without knowing that all of this is not worth anything.

And so, the consciousness always putting the living being in disadvantage. If everything was deeply ruled by consciousness, it is clear that there would not be injustice. If there were consciousness, there would not be greed, ambition, or betrayal.

Where is the people's consciousness? Nowhere! Because some want to be better than the next, but everyone is equal. There is no consciousness. Consciousness only exists in name to enchant the retarded ones who cannot see, because if there were consciousness, you would love the fellow one as you do yourselves.

Therefore, the living being's consciousness is an arrangement of the disguised ones, of the Judas, so that, with this cabbala, they triumph with their desired ways and win with their conveniences, their desired points.



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