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sábado, 16 de dezembro de 2023



The premature good is for all of those who search it, and evil is also found when searched.

Life is not only the base of evil. The evil base only hits those who are unsheltered by the Supreme Force to everything and everyone.

The Supreme Force is the base of the living beings who have their signs and planets of great influence, that is why they shine for a while, but later, due to not understand the beyond and not seek the invisible base, unpleasant thing start to happen in their lives, and the better they are, they go from bad to worse. As there are there on the world, there are riches without peace, millionaires and people highly well situated with no peace, because it is not in the money everything that the living being needs to an equilibrated march in his life. If money brought health, the rich ones would not lose it, as are a whole lot of things that you get in life when the living beings have them in their sign and planets.

The influence of the planet and sign, which are belongings of life, is fruit of a study originated in Arabia, done by the ancient wise men. Arabia is a country of many tales, many stories, and much romanticism, where there were, in other times, gold and marble castles. These castles, with time passing, were being demolished and the people adopted new systems. But there is no one, still today, who does not appreciate the old Arabia's past, with its stories, tales and romance of past days.

There were wise men born in Arabia, veteran connoisseurs of astrology, who searched for the map of life that everyone brings on the hands. And with the lapidation of the astrologic science, they started to pay attention to the celestial bodies for many and many centuries, noticing their movements and naming them as planet and sign. This study was spread throughout all Asia, becoming universally known afterwards.

At those times science was all natural and they communicated with the celestial bodies naturally, the living being acquiring, this way, everything he needs. The wise men thus proved to each person the reason he was born, what he had to be, what he was going on in life, and what would happen in each person's life.

In the course of time, that science, which reigned long ago to guide everyone, was being put aside and the new generations creating new sciences and abandoning the astrology knowledge. During that time, the knowledge was only that and with time the living beings created the new alphabet, which you use until today and which they thought was better. They left behind the true alphabet, which is of astrology, where the living being finds his entire life, the way it is, the way it is not, and how it has to be. This is the alphabet created in other times, when everyone new why they were born, what they has to be in life, and what would happen to them until the day of their death.

The progress and the way of understanding were completely different. The new generations started to come up with new alphabets, arising then, all the embarrassments that exist in the world. The happiest living beings of all are not those who are governed by their sign or planet, but those who are governed by another different part of this vacuum, which is the Rational part.

The Rational part is that governs all planets, its strength is always above them all.

And the study of astrology, which is a very advanced study for people to balance themselves back then, did not have any value compared with the strength from the Rational part. It was only useful for the living being to know why he was born and the course of his life. It was very good to free the people; it was more advanced than this system, this alphabet invented by the man on Earth, who became an animal at once. They invented this alphabet to see if they could avoid or cut off those things that had to happen. Back in those times there was no god on Earth; god was the sun and the goddess was the moon.

Above all this knowledge is the force of the Rational part, which does not follow caprices of planets or signs, because these are subjugated to the superior part, and the planets follows what this superior part wants.

By that time, the orientations were different, starting to name on the things they saw on stars, thus starting so, the ABC. For example: Jupiter was a letter, Saturn another letter, Venus another letter. And to each planet a letter, to each sign a number, thus completing this alphabet to understand through it, as you understand up today.

However, the astrology alphabet was much better than this one you invented and adopted until today, because with the astrological knowledge, every person knew each other.

To know each other, you did not need to ask who the person was; it sufficed to ask him to let you see his hand. You knew to whom you were talking to, his age, what the person was going through, and what the person would go through in life.

It was a much better alphabet, as was also much better the way of life, because everyone knew each other, everyone knew everyone. This alphabet, in the course of time, came down and the living beings wanted to see if they could live still better than they lived. And they started with inventions, knowing that they were getting worse, because the improvement sought is as you are seeing there, in the Universe.

This astrological alphabet is very easy to those who want to learn it and I do not teach it here because it is an ancient alphabet and what reigns presently in the world is another one.

All of this is for you to see how the evolution of the world was. So many things went on, that it is not even worth mentioning.

However, there comes now in the world RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION was born in Brazil for the new generations that, when they arrive in this world, they will adopt, due to it being one understanding only, and for being all for one and one for all.

And who is this one? It is RATIONAL SUPERIOR.

Everything is for you to reach the conclusion that life is good and it is not only evil that reigns; the good also reigns. Evil only reigns with the bad ones, who end up bad. The goodness reigns with the good ones, who end up good, due to them having the goodness in themselves, administrated by the Supreme Being to everything and everyone.

Therefore, what is a planet? A planet is a living being from the stars, with its life and strength, being in this strength its influence. That way, when the living being is born and this or that planet has its influence over Earth, the living being receives its influence. If the influence is from Mars, the living being suffers a lot, pain too much. If the influence is from Jupiter, the living being suffers less; if it is from Aquarius, even less, and so on.

What is the sign? The sign is the stone, or the metal that the planet adopts and where it has all influence, which is the number, being the letter the planet. And for that, each stone with its planet, each metal with its planet. And so, the vegetables, animals, and everything that exists in the world, because even to plant it is necessary to choose the planet that, many times, the living being thinks will bring rain, make the plantation and the planet that comes is dry and everything dies. Many times the moon promises rain and it doesn't rain and at other times it does not promise and brings rain.

The planets reign with great fury in the world, there being those that indicate dryness for a long or a short time. That is why when you in the past guided yourself by the planets you lived much better. Men were more capricious and women too. They strive to have their children being born under the influence of the good planets; there being a few who was careless and had bad kids, who were born to bother the good ones. Many got to the point to kill their kids when they were born under the influence of bad planets, due to careless in their relations. Others had mercy not to kill and let them survive, even though they knew that they would be trouble makers and suffer a lot in the world.

There it is the knowledge of the primitive alphabets that arose in the world, where there were many, but the best was that from astrology. With the astrology alphabet, people understood and governed one another better. With the alphabet that reigns until today, one only sees in the world a progress of martyrs and sufferers. It is an entirely complicated alphabet that gave to everyone this mania of improvements and everything getting worse and worse.

Today you look at the alphabet that is in the palm of your hands with the lines, scratches, little points and cannot decipher anything.

All of that has its meanings, which the living beings do not know how to decipher them. You are with the knowledge in your hands, with life totally mapped out on the palms of your hands, which is the astrological alphabet, and without knowing what it means.

It does not mean that everyone is born dull, as it is used to say, but due to the ancient people's fault, which are the same as now and did not continue with the astrological alphabet, which was well advanced in its progress.

So beautiful the living being looking at his hands and know why he was born, knowing everything he has to go through, what he has to be in life, not being able to avoid what is written on his own hands. Knowing his entire route into the future, the day and time of dying. Everyone could live so well.

But the new generation of the past, with the mania of discoveries, with the fixation of experiences, with the fixation of wanting still better things, gave start to the alphabet that you still adopt today. Instead of teaching the old one, they taught this one, deviating from right to wrong.



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