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domingo, 20 de agosto de 2023



"Therefore, a consolidating content is justified, so that they do not find obstacles to having in themselves the positivity of what they aim for, the intention for the good of the balance of the immunized ones.

This is an echo that has never sounded in the world; only now is it vibrating, under the ears of infants, who were unaware of the existence of this point of human faculty. So, being immunized and being balanced is the same thing. In the immunized being, the carboniferous magnetic actions that numb the living being, disappear, and the living being creates in himself, a pantheon of glories and becomes glorious and a glorifier. Then, through that fullness of who sees, who knows and who knows the effects, one reaches the point of understanding that he carries with him the Rational Treasure, which is the treasure of treasures; the most valuable part integrally or integrally that the virile human being has long needed." (Page 250/251, 1st. Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).

CONSIDERATIONS: When we talk about the Book Universe in Disenchantment, suggesting its assiduous, reflective and attentive reading, many think we are being apologetic or suggesting the acceptance of a new religion, doctrine, sect, spiritism, spiritual, mystical, occult or esoteric knowledge! These relevant and precious segments of human knowledge played a very important role in the evolution and preparation of humanity, because they enabled us to understand and understand the Phase that has arrived - THE PHASE OF THE THIRD MILLENNIUM (PHASE OF THE TRUTH OF TRUTHS)!

The Book Universe in Disenchantment represents the Culture of a World far superior to ours, called RATIONAL WORLD, from where everything and everyone originates, therefore being the Culture of our true natural state! It is a Culture dictated by a being superior to everything and everyone, not being, therefore, extracted from the philosophical and scientific thought of the human being, creator of this vast culture existing under various denominations and various segments and which keeps unsolvable the mysteries, enigmas and the phenomena!

The content of the Book is unprecedented for humanity, hence the human difficulty in framing it in the cultural patterns of identification known by all! Hence, many think it is a new sect; others new religion; some new doctrine, etc.

But the Book is a Natural Knowledge, a Natural Culture, belonging to the advent of the New Millennium that knocks at our door. The totality of religious, philosophical, scientific, mystical and spiritual knowledge existing until today served as the basis for our preparation and complete maturation in order to be able to understand and understand the Culture of Disenchantment (which is the Culture of the Third Millennium). Culture of Disenchantment means the Culture of the solution of all mysteries, enigmas and phenomena; it means the definition and complete solution of the beginning and end of this world and all beings that inhabit it; means Conscious and Positive Culture that has a basis, logic and infinity of proofs and proofs!

Yes friends, the Phase of the Third Millennium is the Phase of the Truth of Truths awaited by many, prophesied by others and which has now arrived on Earth! The Truth of Truths, dear ones, is the one in which there is a conscious and positive content, with a beginning and an end, with a basis and logic, a content that leads human beings to be able to disenchant themselves and the world in which they live. live!

So friends, reflect on the content of this Culture, analyze the condition of human existence in this world and the condition of existence of this world itself, hitherto unknown, get to know the Book Universe in Disenchantment and enter the THIRD MILLENNIUM, naturally, within your own residences or wherever they are, since there are no temples, synagogues, preaching houses or any establishments to know the grandeur of Rational Culture! (By Antonio dos Santos and Angela Maria). Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to all!


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