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domingo, 27 de agosto de 2023



The sky, full of jubilations and glories by the prophesized of the beyond, with their mission, fulfill their sacred duty of saving everyone on this grand world there of Earth. The most elevated immunized ones, cultivating everyone for the same glories, for the same triumph of abnegation of oneself, simplifying with all too naturality; the bonanza, which is indifferent to ambition and greediness.

There, present, day and night, night and day, the Powerful Grand Master will always be present, who opened the door there on Earth to give to everyone the great Universal Redemption and showing you the prosecution of the great world triumph: RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION!


everyone's integral happiness. It is the highest point among all points, universally.

So, gathering these flags of the precatory, the soul of the well doing for the others, which does not harm anyone. There are many naïve living beings who think that in RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION are all the weapons, the goodness ones and the badness ones. They are mistaken because they lack in the necessary knowledge. In RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION is only the goodness.

It is needed to explain well because where are the advanced living beings, who understand things as they are, also are the delayed ones, who understand according to their backwardness, making confusions, thinking that in RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION are the weapons of goodness and evilness.

There are living beings capable of everything, according to their delay. They incorporate their potential without any knowledge, to judge whether good or bad what they see. Many living beings do not need these replications, but many others do, because the potentials and feelings are very different from one another.

This is why I, here, confiscate the ideas, the preambles, and shock-cults from these hatched pigeons which fight for these miserable confusions, in lack of the feeling, of the knowledge, and true recognition. I therefore carbonize certain interpretations, which are not equivalent to the knowledge existing there. RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION only deals with everyone's salvation, from all points of view.

The thought is very vague; full of these fuses and semi fuses, which confusingly live in these impertinent woods, which are the ideas in disaccord with this plebiscite. The plebiscite which is here, in these brilliant pages with the patterns and molds of the conduct of this being. Which being? The Rational being or RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION.

The school of the world is the school of evil and because of it, the malice reigns among the ideas of the human beings. Such malice that makes the living being think more often in evil than in good because he lives in this school there.

That is why you confuse the good with evil and the evil with good. Influences of these proceres that belong to this hierarchy of the invisible beings from the vacuum, deformed in a superior category to the deformed on Earth, who are the human beings.

And because they are deformed, the living beings from the vacuum are just like you on Earth. All belong to this deformation, existing in the vacuum, the good ones and bad ones, like there on Earth also exist the good and bad, and there are good and bad planets.

Yes, the planets are also deformed, due belonging to this deformation, with their different lives and places of living. Then, what are between earth and sun are belongings of this deformation and once deformed, they give origin to the good and evil. But in the Rational part, In RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION is different, and because of it, only one justice reigns: that of good. There is no evil because what is Rational is pure, clean, and perfect, and what is deformed is very different, dirty and full of defects; and for being like that, pretend to be what you are not.

Now the infant says: "-Ah! I thought that where there is good, there is also evil." Yes, evil is where there is good in the world of deformation, but with respect to Rational, no. It is only one thing and do not deviate from its being in no way.

It is necessary to give this payback to the square fireflies, which like to interpret the things according to their square ideas and to get the street organs to change the music of their minds and to receive the music as it is, in this literary dish of fortunate food for everyone, which is the knowledge of everything, how it is and how it is not; the food necessary for everyone, which is RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION.

Then, the safeguarded ask: "-Am I out of this prosecution?" Yes, there is no doubt. Those who search for these questions and answers cannot be in this prosecution. Those are only in the burial ceremonies of the exhibition of ideas from the free thinkers, who think what they want and interpret the way they well wish. For those who do not seek confusion, I clear the minds with instructions and the real knowledge of things as they are.



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