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terça-feira, 4 de julho de 2023



Life is a rosary of beads. Each bead has a past, each bead a period of life, and each period with good and bad trances. And so, forming this rosary; very easy for whom want to learn. This rosary is enchanted, which no one ever disenchanted, by knowing that all inhabitants of this world are enchanted ones.

Why enchanted? Because this world is enchanted and for being enchanted, everyone lives in experiences, from experience to experience and always to know.

Why is it enchanted? Because everything is conserved mysteriously.

Why is it enchanted? Because no one never gave solution, until now, I, RATIONAL SUPERIOR.

Why is it enchanted? Because everything is enclosed in infinity, mysteriously, without solution.

Why is it enchanted? Because no one knows how this was done, until now, I, RATIONAL SUPERIOR, explaining everything, bit by bit, with clear, solid, consolidated proofs, and proofs without contradictions.

So is the rosary of life, which all enchanted ones do not know, but will know by Me, or be it, RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION.

The living being with RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION gives solution to everything, based and proved by all means, by all ways, in any way, pure and clean. Because there it is, the rosary of life, for all, universally. Everyone will be immunized through the Writing of the Universal Redemption.

In this rosary is all the life of the infant. The immunization is completely different from spiritualization; it is a natural thing; and the living being, with such a treasure, has abundance in everything.

RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION will brighten everyone, driving everyone to reach the natural, due to this one being one of the most elevated virtues, the highest of all in the world.

And so, the base of everything is in RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. For the living being to become immunized, it must read daily and through this reading, becoming immunized. Once immunized, everything comes in the hands of the living being, little by little; the welfare arising, getting everything he wishes and much beyond.

RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION will be reached by the constancy in reading. The living being, as it reads, will feel, little by little, its influence, until becomes integrally immunized. To become immunized, the living being may take months or years. Everything depends on the living being, on the constancy in reading. Those who want to reach it sooner, do your part and the slackers will take much longer to reach its benefits. And so, RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION will be and must be the greatest brilliant common to all, universally.

Why common? Because it is a natural thing.

Why natural? Because everyone's nature is made for that adaptation.

Then, the living beings ask: "-And why did not it arrive before in the world?" I say: everything arrives in its time. The time had not yet arrived and now it has, since long. There is no plant that bears its fruit before its time. Everything has its time.

"-And RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, can it be practiced anywhere?" It can! Because the living being, after immunized, is always immunized, day and night, night and day.

The living beings ask: "-And what is needed to get it?" Read daily, that is what is needed to get it in a short time.

The reading gives knowledge, it instructs the living being and the living being goes on seeing the effects redouble each time more.

"-And does it restrict the freedom of the living being?"

In no way!

"-Is there any responsibility?" None! What responsibility is there if the living being knows everything that he needs to do or not to do? It is a thing that instructs the living being to face it as great worthiness from all points of view.

Yes, it is from the immunization that comes out everything the living being needs. And those who read every day will reach it earlier and those who do not read will get it later. If they were to get it in a year by reading every day, it may take two, three, and even longer, depending on the carelessness of the living being.

With the immunization, the living being becomes happier in everything, getting to reach such an elevated point that he never imagined. Everything is developed by the most powerful force in the world, which is RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. The bees in their hives, all working and greeting the great Orient, the Rational, which is here. Orient means: the orienting point, the maximum point in elevation.

All of those bees working toward their own emancipation with all attention turning to the honey of honeys that is over here. Honey means all of good, all of better, everything even beyond good.

Thus, the bees of both sexes, all in fury to win, each one doing its part for the great advancement of themselves.

This reading represents the hive and I, the Master, providing the supply of honey, teaching the bees to produce the precious liquid that is called everyone's happiness.

The happiness that shines in the world is a happiness without base and a happiness without base fails of being happiness and exposes the living beings to the life of trances, always seeking happiness and the more you seek, the farther it always gets. And others, going through insignificant moments of vague hope to be happy, dying and without getting such happiness, which in the world is so much talked about, but never found, because there is no one in the world that can say: "-I am happy!". Because when it is well in one aspect, it is not well in another. When it is happy in one aspect, it is unhappy about another. That is why such happiness was never found.



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