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terça-feira, 11 de julho de 2023



"And so, appearances are what cause this typhoon to feed this suffering. The living being usually says that he who has a lot of money is very happy. He is wrong, because if he stays abreast of the intimate life of the rich, he will see what if you go through and you will have an immense disappointment, because in money, nobody's happiness is found. The more money, the more suffering, the richer, the more suffering. more money, more business, the more business, the more worries and bewildering sufferings?

Many times, the living being envies the life of a poor couple and says: - "How they live so happily!" Some, sometimes remedied, say: - "If I had a partner like that, I would be happy!" He envies the couples' lives, thinking they are happy, but they don't know what's going on. If they saw life correctly, they would say: - "In any way one lives, suffering is there, more or less, bearable or unbearable. There is no happiness." The happiness that exists are the moments of joy and satisfaction that pass in the life of the living being. They are just moments." (Page 100, 1st. VOLUME, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).

CONSIDERATIONS: As you can see, suffering is general in the life of every human being, regardless of their level of culture and social position they occupy. That is, the general rule here in the life of matter is that everyone suffers! And besides all being sufferers, all are mortal! And the inevitable question that won't shut up: why are we all sufferers? Why are we mortal? What have we done to deserve such condemnation? Why is the life of matter so organized? Could it be that life is just that and will never pass this condition, that is, are we eternally condemned to suffering and death? Will these questions remain forever in the realm of mysteries and indecipherable enigmas? Or will they always be covered by the mantle of God's mysteries, impenetrable and unreachable for human beings? Or will it be that one day we will know why we are sufferers and why we are mortal, to finally stop being like that?

We learned, in Rational Knowledge, that the human being is living here in this world of matter, but his true origin is not from here, but from a Superior World, called RATIONAL WORLD! We also learned what we did to leave the RATIONAL WORLD and now be here. That we left the RATIONAL WORLD by our free and spontaneous will and by our free will and that some Inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD, from there did not want to leave and remain there until today! And that among those few who remain there, there is RATIONAL SUPERIOR, a Reasoning Superior to all Reasoning, the Supreme Reasoning (Author of the book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT).

So, now, RATIONAL SUPERIOR has come to clarify for us how we left our World of Origin and ended up here, in a world that is not our true place. And because we are not from here, it is because here we are suffering and mortal and we have no right to live, because we are out of our true place. Here, we are suffering and mortal beings and here, life is provisional and fleeting! And that's how it had to be, so that one day we could leave here, from a world we don't belong to, and we could return to the world we left, which is the RATIONAL WORLD!

Therefore, now we are able to understand and understand that we were living in a world, outside our true natural state and that is exactly why we were suffering and mortal! Now, after being fully matured by the preparation made by our philosophical and scientific knowledge, we are in a position to answer all these existential questions about life, suffering and death! Now, we have RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION proving to us and proving that here in matter nothing is eternal and everything that has a beginning has an end! And more, that suffering had its beginning and the hour of its end has come; that death had its beginning and the hour of its end has arrived! And what is the end of death? It is all humanity returning to our true World of Origin, where we have the right to live there and where everyone is eternal!

And for humanity to return to its World of Origin, now RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION has arrived on Earth, bringing with it the change of phase in nature: the phase of the Rational animal has ended and the Rational Phase has entered nature, the phase of the return of everyone to the RATIONAL WORLD, the Rational Phase being the last phase of matter's life, for being the phase of everyone's return to the RATIONAL WORLD! (By Antonio dos Santos and Angela Maria). Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to all!


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