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terça-feira, 27 de junho de 2023




"The influence of the planet and the sign, which are belongings of life, is the result of a study born in Arabia, made by the wise men of yore. Arabia is a country of many legends, of many stories and of much romance, where they existed, in other times, castles of gold and marble. Castles that, with the passage of time, were demolished and peoples adopted new systems. But even today, there is no one who does not appreciate the past of old Arabia, with its stories, his tales and novels of the past.

There were sages born in Arabia, veteran astrology experts, who looked for the map of life that everyone carries in their hands.  And with the polishing of astrological science, they began to pay attention to the stars for many, many centuries, notifying their movements and naming the planet and sign. This study spread throughout Asia, later becoming universally known.

At that time, science was all natural and it communicated with the stars naturally, acquiring the living being, in this way, everything it needed. The sages then proved to each person the reason for his birth, what he had to be, what was happening in life and what would happen in each one's life."(Pág. 132/133, 1°. Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).


The first alphabet was the astrology alphabet, which ruled over a great civilization that is now extinct. The second alphabet is the artificial one, which has been ruling the Rational animal, it is what resulted in the current civilization, and now, in the Rational Phase, the rulership is done by the Rational Alphabet, because the current phase is Rational.

But there is the alphabet of the lower classes, which is the only one that prevails in all phases, which is the law of the strongest.  The strongest eats the weakest, destroys the weakest, which is the rule of irrational animals.

The astrology alphabet was abandoned, but the remnants of its regency remained, so that the stormy moments that the world is going through were already expected by the prophets of yore.  These things were so clear in astrology that these prophets, students of this alphabet, announced future events in the course of the world.

So, all this is not new for those who know the prophecies, because they have been announced for a long time, which are the upheavals of humanity.  Due to the artificial alphabet that was created later, many for not understanding the predictions, have already made many complications, and these complications are from the faulty predictions of those who did not understand the astrology alphabet well, for trying to decipher according to their intentions.  Because they did not understand well what was announced, they complicated the announcements and the result of the complications was that it resulted in many failed prophecies, from the bad scholars of the astrology alphabet and many complicated the predictions because they were malicious.

Those who understood the astrology alphabet well, got all the predictions right, and here they are, all working out.

All this, because the astrological alphabet was the real alphabet, the natural alphabet of nature.  However, because it is limited, because it imposes limits, because everything in order to remain balanced has to have limits, some were satisfied and others were not. The dissatisfied wanted to go beyond the limits to meet their tastes and desires and so they did, they went outside the limits, abusing their free will and forming the artificial alphabet to expand their tastes.

So, today, the alphabet in force is the Rational Alphabet, to adjust and correct what the artificial alphabet distorted. An Alphabet purer than astrological, for linking the human being beyond the stars, linking everyone to the Base from which everything we know originated. (by Roberto Rios).  Collaboration: Antonio dos Santos and Ângela Maria. Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to all!


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