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sábado, 6 de março de 2021



This Work has the amazing utility of making the prose, pride, presumption and vanity disappear. Many people will find it difficult saying that this solution, herein explained in this Work, will not be able to be brought to the public. 

Now, there it is in everyone’s hands, the truth of truths, which everyone implores since long. Now, appeared there among all what, since long, everyone in the world implores, for being the suffering too much and unbearable in the entire world. 

One can already live in the world, because one has life and has to live, because living as everyone lives, it is not worth living. In certain moments, one lost the pleasure in life. The world was indeed left to deceit and the street organ played just one music: suffering; and the more suffering, the more everyone had to suffer. 

However, within a short time, RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION will be the order of the day in all places, in all corners, and in all holes. You will only count on RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, reading persistently to become immunized and meeting with all your wishes of eternal happiness, eternal salvation consummated. In a short time, RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION will be put above everything and everyone, transforming this deformation of the world to the natural state, through the Rational knowledge, done by RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION.

You always talked about Rational in the whole world, but you did not know how it was. You talked about Rational (as you talk), but you live suffering more than animals or wild beasts. 

RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION will be accepted by everyone, known and recognized as the greatest treasure in the world, as the purest thing that could exist. Everyone becoming immunized, everyone finding the relative comfort on all points of view of themselves, knowing why you were born there, why you have been born there, where you came from, where you are going to and how you are going. 

Greater happiness, greater contentment, and universal joy will not exist! This is the greatest universal surprise. The deceit will end this cataclysm of mystification, the self-suggestion. 

Everything disappearing once and for all, ending with this misery-maintaining content of all of this fight without base, of all of these waves of illusion, of all of this infernal prelude, of all of this life, where only evil shines, in this immense hole which is the world. 

All of you there live in this hole looking up to the sky and finding it difficult in your imagination to unveil these mysteries, saying that the world is a phenomenon, an enchantment that cannot be unveiled, full of unsolvable great mysteries that man's imagination cannot solve. 

Then, you keep saying: "-We have here this hypocrite knowledge, always learning and never reaching a solution for things. Of truth, we know nothing. The world is a pantheon of misery, an enchanted palace, a tribunal of bitterness due to our imagination not being able to unveil the mysteries that are enclosed in this vast immensity that our sight cannot reach. The sun does not speak to us, the moon the same way, and the stars also. We are loners over here, living in this huge solitude, learning at our own costs, through immense sacrifices, from experiences without end, in this way and means of life we adopted, but no one is happy with, due to us being always incomplete in everything because we are alienated and absent from all true knowledge." 


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