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domingo, 28 de fevereiro de 2021


There it is, the true world of everyone discovered, the RATIONAL PLAIN, the place of origin of the Rational animals. You were living in a world that was not the true world of everyone, that is not the true world of everyone. And because it was not so, you were being born over there only to suffer, because it was not the true world of the Rational animals. 

You knew that you descended of something pure, and that this pure thing had to be Rational, but you could never have discovered this basis and that is why you were living like Rational animals. 

But the Rational Basis you never could have discovered. You knew you were of this origin, but you did not know where this origin was, where this origin was located, where this origin existed. 

Today everything is discovered, the basis of origin of all, and so the great satisfaction of all will be thrilling, due to you have encountered your true basis of origin, the RATIONAL PLAIN. 

The battle of science has been great, the efforts of science have been great, but you could never have found it because these solutions, or this solution, could in no way, in no manner, come from the enchanted one. 

The enchanted one imagined that there was something outside this world, thinking that this world was a consequence of some other one. If this one exists, it is because there exists another one that gave consequence to this one. So, they stayed in this mathematics and never left this preamble. 

There it is, the other world has been discovered, which is the RATIONAL PLAIN,with their inhabitants, with their progress of purity, which is the consequence of this world that you are living in. 

Yes, because there is no effect without its cause. If there exists this effect, which is this deformed world, it is so because there exists the cause. The cause is precisely the part of the plain that had not been ready to enter progress, and a few got on it, not being aware of the consequences, due to them being pure ones. The result was this one that is over there, this deformation and of this pretty history. 

So, there is no effect without a cause. But if this effect exists, if this world made like this exists, it is because there is a cause. Because there is no effect without a cause, there it is, the cause for you to be like that the way you are, of the way for the world to be the way it is, of everything to be the way it is, and now it is coming, through the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, all clarifications of the reason for everything and of the reason for everyone and of the reason for everyone to be the way they are and of the reason for everything to be the way it is. 

The mysteries and enigmas have ended. There are no longer any mysteries or enigmas. All have been unveiled and solved in the book ‘UNIVERSE IN 

The disenchantment of the world, the disenchantment of everything, the disenchantment of everyone, and everyone in celebration for the rest of life because you know the beginning of this world and its end, the beginning of everything and the end of everything. So, the spiritual world in celebration and announcing the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. A lot of happiness in the entire world. And that is expected; the definition of the world and the definition of everyone has arrived. 

The celebrations will be day and night because the assurance will be unanimous of you having found what you desired and were ambitious about. 

What have you found? The place of origin! 

And so, the inhabitants of the firmament all in celebration, meaning all happy, joyful, and content because of their disenchantment and the disenchantment of the ones on Earth.

So, everyone happy and satisfied, announcing all over, everywhere, in all centers and places, the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION and its effects. 

Their happiness is great because they are also enchanted ones, in a superior category to that of the ones on Earth. 

So, there are the seeing mediums, there are the conscientious mediums, there are the unconscious mediums, and there are the sleepwalking mediums. 

And that is why the experiences of spiritualism were done in various forms because you were enchanted ones. 

You only had to vary like that. Your practices were varying in different ways from one another and today arriving to all the reason and right to the Rational formula, to the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION 

And so, everyone announcing this great happening for everyone’s good and happiness. The just and correct point, the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. Everyone announcing that the world now is entering its correct evolution, the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, because it has arrived in the world the true knowledge of its generation, formation, and creation. 

The owner of the world has opened the doors of the true redemption of all. Now the world down there below will be under the reign of the true world up here above and the influence of the spirits will cease because this way of experiences is already surpassed and because the world is entering in its true real Rational phase. 


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