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terça-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2021



All spiritual centers are already announcing the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION and all Voodoo places are announcing the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, because they all belong to the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, because they all are Rational animals. 

And because of that, they all belong to the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, which is already being announced by the spiritual world. 

Everyone receiving orders and recommendations, which is the right way for all, the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION,because everyone is of only one origin, of Rational origin. 

There will only remain in the world the true natural knowledge of the origin of everyone, which is the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. 

To become immune means uniting with the pure ones from the RATIONAL PLAIN, to unite with your true natural, to unite with your place of origin. The place of origin of everyone is only one, the RATIONAL PLAIN, and that is why you are Rational animals. 

And so, it is already being announced in all spiritual centers and all places the true way, correct one, of everyone, of everyone’s origin, from where everyone came, where everyone is going to. And so,the spiritual world all in celebration. 

All in celebration. The biggest, the greatest happiness of all spiritual world, and this happiness spills over all members, all mediums, all apparatuses, who in a little bit will receive letters from the spiritual centers. 

And so, in a little bit, there will be great movements of general satisfaction and happiness in all Universe because in the world is the definition of the human being and the definition of the world, the definition of everything and everyone, the beginning of everything and the end of everything, the beginning of everything and the end of everything. 

In a bit more, everyone in the world will be celebrating forever, the natural of everyone reigning among all, because no one knew one’s true natural that is today in this book. 

The definition of the world and its creation. The definition of the beings and their generation and creation. 

There it is, the greatest happiness of everyone. Celebrations upon celebrations,which is exactly what the religions, sects, and doctrines sought. 

Today there is in the world for everyone the right way of the Rational animal. General happiness. The world in celebration for the rest of life. In a very short time everyone will be in understanding with the inhabitants of the RATIONAL PLAIN, with the RATIONAL SUPERIOR. 

And then, a major satisfaction, eternal happiness witnessed in the world, the true 
correct bearing, the basis of everyone’s origin, the RATIONAL PLAIN, where everyone came from, where everyone is going to, how everyone came, and how everyone is going to. 


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