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sexta-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2021


The Supreme Voice to everything and everyone will talk to everyone, guide everyone, confer with everyone about all matters, because there has now arrived on Earth the fluid of our true origin, the Rational Fluid of the origin of the Rational animals. 

Everyone will now establish contact with their true origin of pure, clean, and perfect Rationals, you who left your base of origin. 

There it is, all the history in the book ‘UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT’ and congratulations to everyone in the entire world because you got the knowledge of your true basis of origin, and because there was suffering of everyone in this world. You are born only to suffer, without knowing why you were born, without knowing why you are born, without knowing where you came from, how you came, and without knowing where you are going, and how you are going. 

Unaware of the origin of your enchanted being over there in that enchantment, without a solution, always trying not to suffer, always fighting not to suffer, but always suffering, doing everything not to suffer, but always suffering, doing everything not to go through pain, but always going through pain, always seeking ways to get things right, but always getting things wrong. Doing everything to find out a way to get rid of everyone’s suffering, but to no avail all efforts. Suffering always on the increase due to all of that, the electric and magnetic, the influence of the electric and magnetic dominating everyone. 

Today being aware and knowing the reason for all of that unbalance, because you found the natural of everyone, which is the fluid of the origin of the human being. 

This one is what will balance everyone, keep this electric and magnetic influence at bay, which is on everyone. The fluid of the true being getting rid of these two evil charges on the human being, the electric and magnetic, because the true owner of the body has arrived, which is the fluid of the true origin, the Rational Fluid. 

The Rational Fluid is what will guide everyone of its Rational origin and the electric and magnetic influence over the being will end, because it is not of its category, of the human being. The beings of the electric and magnetic category are the irrational beings, and the beings of the human category, Rational animals, is the Rational Fluid. 

The balance of everyone, the happiness of everyone, the wellness of everyone, the well being of everyone, because you are being guided by the fluid of your basis of Rational origin. 

The influence of the irrational cease, which is the electric and magnetic. 

Each one will stay in their category: the irrational animals under the influence they belong to, which is the electric and magnetic, and the Rational animals under the influence of the category they belong to, of Rational origin. 

So, each one will be under the influence and domination of their origin. That which is of Rational origin, which are the Rational animals, under the influence of their origin, through the Rational Fluid, of the RATIONAL PLAIN, from the place of their origin. The beasts of the ground over there, the irrational animals, which are from down there, from the earth, under the influence of the electric and magnetic. 


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