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And so, it had to be so that everyone can get to their Rational places, through RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION.  These inhabitants collaborate with the living beings there on Earth, to polish them and make it easier to reach RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION.  Immunized, the living being completes its true natural. These living space people present themselves in these environments as they see fit, in order to collaborate with the living being, in order to reach the immunization.

 If the medium is good, they collaborate for good and if the medium is bad, they collaborate for evil. Either way, they present themselves for the development of the living. "(Page 179/180. 1 °. Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).

CONSIDERATIONS: So, these invisible beings, being in a category of life superior to ours, exert great influence in the life of matter!

This influence is present in the vast philosophical and scientific magisterium created by them among us human beings, notably in the spiritual environment (with its various types of ramifications) and in the Spiritist Doctrine advocated by Allan Kardec! Thus, these inhabitants of space began to assist in the process of evolution and development of human beings, aiming at their improvement and learning to understand and understand the truth that man has never been alone in the universe and that he needs to know his true origin, in order to know how to return to it.

But as nothing happens by chance and there is a reason for everything, there is certainly an explanation for the fact that these inhabitants of space have a great influence on the life of matter, which will be clarified in due course!  So, it can be concluded that Spiritism, with its evolution and progress on Earth, proved and proved the existence of intelligent life outside the earth, more precisely in space, with Spiritism being a touch to alert everyone that there are living beings in  other stops, beyond and far beyond the world we live in.

And those living in space communicate with Earth's inhabitants by means of irradiations, the irradiation here being of this electrical and magnetic set, which is the world in which we live.  And because they are endowed with great magnetic and electrical force, they have this power to present themselves here in the matter, identifying themselves by different names, since in the space there is no Registry for the registration of names.  They present themselves as relatives of people, as a father, as a mother, as a remarkable musician, as a great doctor, as a great scientist, as a poet, as a writer, as an animal, in short, as necessary and necessary to introduce themselves,  thus abusing their free will.

Finally, these inhabitants of the space feed themselves through smells, aromas produced here in the matter.  Have you noticed, my friends, that when a food is made it produces aromas, smells and that those aromas and smells awaken our appetite? This is more or less how the inhabitants of space eat!

Today, thanks to the Rational Knowledge contained in the Work UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, we have come to know these and other subjects about the lives of the invisible inhabitants of space and their countless forms of materialization among us human beings. (By Antonio dos Santos and Ângela Maria).  Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to all!

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