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quarta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2021


So, everyone, get to as soon as possible know what RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION is so you can possess the fluid of your true origin, the Rational Fluid, to eliminate suffering of the body, suffering of life, and to enter eternal life, on the RATIONAL PLAIN, which is the place of origin. It is the fluid that is deformed that is the cause and the origin of you being Rational animals. 

But once immune, you enter eternal life, because the fluid that originated the body in fluidic matter, as you know, is taken to its basis of origin, the RATIONAL PLAIN. 

So, the Rational Fluid, of the basis of origin of everything, is everything, and that is why the Supreme Voice to everything and everyone is talking into everyone’s head, through the fluid of everyone’s origin, the Rational Fluid. 

So, the start of everything is over there, of this apparent everything, and the end of same, of the electric and magnetic. 

Everyone winning rationally, everyone triumphing rationally, brilliantly, because you are receiving the influences from your basis of origin, the Rational Basis, from the RATIONAL PLAIN. 

So much happiness in the entire world! So many celebrations in the entire world! For 
a long time there will be happiness and satisfaction, due to you knowing the True 
Redemption, which remained in the electric and magnetic. 

There is the enigma revealed for everyone’s wellbeing, for everyone’s salvation, for everyone’s happiness. 

The Universal Supreme Voice, inside everyone’s ‘I’, of Rational origin, and because it is of that origin, you are eternally saved. The fluid belongs to eternity, the cause of the origin of deformation of the Rational animals. 


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