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quarta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2021


"...Today, so naturally, you know and are aware of the basis of origin of the RATIONAL PLAIN and the reasons why you are Rational animals. Because the basis is Rational, because the origin is Rational, that is why you are Rational animals. Today freed from all lthis dream, from all those confusions, from all those nightmares, from all that agony, 

knowing the beginning of everything and the end of everything. Knowing, being aware of, and seeing that the world is a consequence of its own inhabitants and how its inhabitants began. The entire history is in the Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT. Today happy and very happy for you to know all of this history of the enchantment that kept all blind with eyes open, without knowing why you lived like that, only appearances and nothing more. Fluid beings, worthless beings, with an apparent worth and because it was an apparent worth, everything ends. Of reality, nothing. Of positive, nothing. Today you are seeing and knowing the reason of all of this. 

The reason for you to be living in that mud, wasting time, living only to suffer, living only to suffer without knowing why. 

Today you know the reason for all of this. So, there it is, the door open, the Rational door, the door to everyone’s origin, for everyone to enter through this door to return to your place of origin of pure, clean, and perfect Rationals and knowing why you became Rational animals, full of defects. Then, let’s read. Read repeatedly everyday to get to know what RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION is, for you to become immune by the fluid of your basis of origin, the Rational Fluid, which enters in the “I” of the person, making the connection of your body with the basis of origin for you to receive all precise guidance, all precise conferences for the well-balance in this earthly life. 

Among the irrationals, among these beasts, over there within that beast-producing place you will face life differently, carrying on with life rationally and not irrationally as you were before. This is a simple criticism, which is always a good thing, a small warning. Some do not need it, but others do. It is not for everyone, it is for those who need it. These simple criticisms are not for those who do not need it. 

So, rationally is everything and irrationally is nothing. This is the true natural knowledge of everyone. This is the true knowledge of the origin of Rational animals, of the origin of why you are Rational animals. This is the true natural knowledge. What is it based upon? In the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. From where everyone came, how they came, why they came, where everyone is going to, how they are going, and why they are going. It is the true natural knowledge of everyone. It is not science, it is no doctrine, it is no philosophy, but the reason for you to be Rational animals. Because you left your basis of origin, the RATIONAL PLAIN, you are Rational animals, deformed animals, who deformed yourselves into Rational animals. You never got to know the true origin, you never knew the true origin, you ignored the true origin of Rational animals to today and today you are getting to know the origin. You were pure, clean, and perfect Rationals. 

You are all on this Earth carrying out this mission of nothingness because everything starts out from nothing, forms itself into an everything of nothing and ends in nothing. 

Therefore, this is the mission of nothing, of the apparent everything. Everyone keeps being betrayed by this everything of nothing that because it comes from nothing, is nothing and ends in nothing. The progress of nothing ends in nothing. Everyone is betrayed by this nothing and are betrayers of themselves and that is why you suffer the consequences of betraying yourselves, which is suffering. You wanted to make the truth out of this nothing, but the truth of nothing is nothing, because the nothing is not true. 

Then, how come you talk about truth, as if the nothing were true if the nothing is already saying that by itself it is not true because it is nothing? That which is nothing cannot be true. Then, from that lie, an everything of lies is formed, which ends because all is a lie. You made a truth out of the hypocritical lie as if lies were true and because you live like that, suffer does not stop. It is proved how the materialistic ones always lived betrayed by this nothing. The nothing, what does it represent? Nothing, and that is why it ends in nothing. So everyone lived an illusion, betrayed with this life of lies without knowing why you ended up like that, without knowing why you are like that, without knowing why you lived like that, without knowing why the world is like that, without knowing why you were like that, living horribly without knowing anything, pretending you did know, betraying yourselves and betraying all. You pretended life was indeed this one, betrayers of yourselves and the ridicule always showing and proving the opposite, that always is a lie and that is why everything ends. Out of the nothing everything comes, all of this fantasy, all of this nativity, everything ending into nothing because everything is matter, product of evil and evil destroys itself, it ends. So much wasted time of everyone with this battle, valuing the nothing and knowing that the nothing is worthless, but at the same time valuing the nothing as if the nothing were a worthy thing. 

Then, what is life like this worth? Nothing because everything ends into nothing. No one owns anything, no one owns anyone because everything ends because everything comes from nothing. Therefore, the materialistic ones, blind like always, value all of this nonsense, valuing the nothing as if the lnothing were worthy. The materialistic one is nothing more than a blind one with open eyes who does not know what he is doing and thinks he does know a lot. He knows, really, to ridicule himself like that, without conscience. 

You fantasized and beautified the nothing in such a way to illusion yourselves, to betray yourselves and get the disillusionment of the failures of this apparent everything that is nothing and suffering the consequences of this deceit, embellished with the appearance of good and the illusions proving the contrary, seeing the failures of all these clowns, with all this pathetic behavior and because it is pathetic, it ends in nothing and that is why everything ends. Those are the consequences of deformation, the consequences of the deformed natural and because you are outside of the true natural, you stayed like this way you are, seeking the true natural, but not finding it because in this deformation, you could not find it. 

You got in disillusionment because you did not have anyone who could give a true explanation of you being like that, of you being like this. Then, you all became materialistic because you did not have the true natural knowledge of the world and of the beings. 

Each one set out with his own adventures the best way possible to guarantee survival while living and so, everyone became materialistic. Now, today, arrives at everyone’s hands the true knowledge of the origin of everyone, of the origin of the world, of the origin of everything and of the reason of you adopting this trash pile of matter as an element of prestige, due to you being unaware of your true being and your true origin. 

There it is, the reason for you to stay like that, lost under those conditions, everyone 
suffering without finding out why. Now it is over there discovered the reason, in the 

This enchanted world has like that become a world of unconscious ones because it is not the true world and that is why it ends. Now, to be conscious ones, you need to get to know what RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION is to receive the Rational Fluid inside one’s “I” and connect to the RATIONAL PLAIN, receiving all precise guidance to progress rationally, to progress consciously and not like that, horribly, unconsciously..."


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