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domingo, 10 de janeiro de 2021


 "...The happiness that shines in the world is a happiness without base and a happiness without base fails of being happiness and exposes the living beings to the life of trances, always seeking happiness and the more you seek, the farther it always gets. And others, going through insignificant moments of vague hope to be happy, dying and without getting such happiness, which in the world is so much talked about, but never found, because there is no one in the world that can say: “-I am happy!”. Because when it is well in one aspect, it is not well in another. When it is happy in one aspect, it is unhappy about another. That is why such happiness was never found. 

Why? Because the world is of battles and where there are battles, there is suffering and there is no happiness. Some fight for love, others for business, others to better themselves in life, others against diseases, others to meet with their ideals, hoping for this, hoping for that, hoping to get what they want. So, life is of battles and where there are battles, there cannot be happiness. There is indeed only suffering and sacrifice.

Fights the rich, fights the poor, everyone fights. Therefore, if nature is not happy, is not balanced, how can you be balanced? 

Once not being balanced, you are not happy. Weather itself is unbalanced, because it is offspring of this unbalanced nature. 

Sometimes too cold, sometimes an unbearable cold that castigates, and sometimes kills. Rain, wind, finally, exposed there to nature. Illnesses of all forms and of all kinds. Among all those cliffs, facing all those dangers of life and many times to the point of almost losing life. 

Therefore, if you are offspring of an unbalanced nature, how can the living beings be happy, if they are unbalanced? 

Happiness is a word only in name, made to tame and relieve those who do not know life, as one says: "-Do this, to see if you are happy." And always looking for happiness, but never finding it. A mother, what happiness can she have, always worrying about her kids? A father, what happiness can he have, worrying the same way? And because they are worrying, they cursethemselves, suffer, fight, and face all difficulties: the sun, the rain, the morning chill, endless worries. 

This is to prove to you that happiness always stayed in hope, and for that, there it is the life of adventures, on the uncertainty of everything and of yourselves. 

What is of happiness? Where is it? Only with RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION it can be reached because I prove that the immunized living being is a happy living being, is a living being always right in everything and where there is the right thing, there is happiness. What is right lives right and not in uncertainty, as everyone lives.

I, with RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, prove and confirm how everyone is happy, because the immunized living being has the solutions to everything with certainty. He knows what it is and what is not; he does not live in illusion and receiving the strokes of illusion. What unhappiness! 

The living being Rationally immunized can say for sure, because he proves what he says: "-I am happy!" And all Rationally immunized ones are happy, like in the future the whole world will be due to everyone embracing RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION with open arms for the happiness of themselves. 

Who is it who wants to be unhappy? No one! ..."


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