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quarta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2021



"...The deformed fluids of this enchantment are the foundation of the formation of this world and because everything is fluid, everything ends. The fluid is the cause of the beings. It generates, is born, grows, flourishes, and disappears. This world is not of the true natural of everyone. Because it is not of the true natural of everyone, everything ends. The natural is of pure, clean, and perfect Rationals. The true natural is from eternity. The true natural is from where your came, from the RATIONAL PLAIN. If this world were true it would be eternal, nothing would end. Due to it not being true, the natural is not this one. This is the natural for those who do not know the true natural. 

Then you judge that this world, that all of this is natural. It is the natural no one is happy with, because no one is happy with suffering, much less with death. No one wants to die, no one wants to suffer and, after everything, everyone dies and everything ends because this is not the true natural. The true natural is of pure, clean, and perfect Rational. Now, those who do not know the true natural, or a different way, due to you not knowing the true natural, you took this deformation to be the true natural. 

You took all of this as natural because you did not know the true origin of Rational animals, as you are now knowing. Knowing and being aware of the true natural. This natural that no one can stand, due to it not being the true one, is the apparent natural, not the true one. Then, the cause and origin of everything to be like this are the fluids. The fluids are the basic points of enchanted formation. Yes, because if there was no fluid, there would be no microbe; if there was no microbe, there would not be beings; if there was no heat, there would be no fluids; if there was no sun, there would be no heat. So, this is a fluid world. Everything was generated from the fluid, everything generates due to the fluids, which are the cause of all of those features that are over there. 

Due to you not knowing the true natural, you took this deformation, this imperfection, as natural without it so being. There it is, the glories of the glories of everyone, in the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. No one in the world was expecting such a surprise, a surprise that will be everyone’s consolation, everyone’s satisfaction, because the origin of everyone is discovered, the origin of the world and of all this microbial formation. The Rational door is open for all to return to your place of origin, the RATIONAL PLAIN. 

This door that took so long to be opened in the enchantment because you were not ready to receive such Knowledge. 

The backwardness of before was very great. And so, everyone arriving close to the RATIONAL SUPERIOR by means of the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. The Rational Fluid connecting everyone together with the RATIONAL SUPERIOR. By means of this fluid, you are united with the RATIONAL SUPERIOR. The fluid enters into the “I” of the person and immediately the person is connected to your place of origin, the RATIONAL PLAIN. 

Everyone united to your basis of origin, receiving all precise guidance , as you already know, for journeying well through life. And so, blissful, very happy for knowing and being aware of where you came from, how you came, where you are going to and how you are going to. 

And so talking and understanding each other with the eternal ones from the RATIONAL PLAIN, by means of the connection of the fluid, by means of this light. 

Everyone will see after immune the RATIONAL PLAIN the way it is and its inhabitants with their progress of purity. Everyone will be rich in satisfaction, with the greatest richness in hands, which is the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. Everyone understanding one another Rationally. Everyone living Rationally and everything working out in everyone’s life, Rationally, because everyone is under the control of your basis of origin, being guided by your basis of origin, no more wrongdoings, everyone getting everything right because you live Rationally and everything Rationally being solved in this material life..."


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