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segunda-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2021



The arkdoferics fluids are which give the substance of the human being, are which make the union of the harmony of the human being. 

The fluid of the water, the fluid of the earth, the fluid of the vegetables, the fluid of the animals, the fluid of the sun, the fluid of the moon, and the fluid of the stars, which are the fluids of the seeds of these seven beings, which are the cause and origin of the human body. Fluids of the seeds of the earth, water, vegetables, animals, and of the other arkdoferics beings are which give life to humanity. 

Then it is asked: what is the fluid? 

Fluid is a living being which gives the effect and the cause of matter, because there is no effect without a cause. 

Here is the reason to say that the fluid gives life, since life without the fluid would not exist. It is because of the fluid that life exists. 

The fluid is an animating being, is an animated being, constituted by the action that gives origin to the things. 

Do you see the wind? No! Do you feel it? Isn’t it very powerful? Well, the wind is a fluid. It is invisible. You feel its effects but you do not see it. 

So is the wind. You feel its effect, which is life, because without the wind, life does not exist, all stays dead, stuffy, all dies by suffocation, there is no air to breathe. That is fluid. One feels and sees its effect, as one sees and feels the effect of the wind.

The wind is a fluid, because if there is no wind, if there is no air, everything dies suffocate. The wind gives life and maintains life. It is an invisible being, as the other fluids from the seeds of the seven parts are, which are the cause and origin of the human body. 

Then you ask: "-What is fluid?" It is a being that proceeds from the seeds that produce and organize life and that, not to say fluid, you say seeds. 

All the microbes that constitute the human being were made from the fluids. The microbe has its origin in the fluid and the fluid is the animating being of the microbe. 

There is the electric fluid and the magnetic fluid. Electricity is a fluid that the person feels, but does not see; it gives life and takes life. Then, all beings have their fluids, because if the microbes exist, it is because the cause exists, which is the fluid. If there were no fluid, there would not be its effect, for all proceed from the fluidic effect, the electrifying action, which forms this microbial composition existing on this animal-place, which you call Earth. 

The fluids of the beings are invisible, like the wind and like the electricity. You feel their effects, but do not see them. The wind, the electricity, and the other fluids are the origin of the beings. The wind is a fluid that gives life and maintains life. The 
electricity is a fluid that gives life, comprises life, and generates life. Because all of this, because all are fluidicaly born, because all beings are made of fluids, it is that no one has stability. 

What is the magnetic force? It is a fluid that hypnotizes. It magnetizes by means of the fluid. Then, there is the bad fluid and the good fluid. There it is the consequence of the sulfuric life, of the sulfuric beings, because they are originated from the fluid, from this condensation that produces this microbial mass originated from the animating fluids.

Therefore, if it were not the fluids, there would not be microbes; if there were not the microbes, there would be no life. 

There are the fluids of the seeds, which are the microbes and from the microbes, the origin of human being formation. 

The sun has its fluid. The moon has its fluid. The stars have their fluid. So, these seven parts that form the world are the origin of the conjunct of life. 

Then, how are these fluids made? How is the wind made? 

How is electricity made? Everything is product of the electric and magnetic conjunct, which form the origin and the cause of this deformation; the before of all of this existing and the origin of all of this. Here comes the before you were what you were. Then, let us come to know what you were first for you to know what you are. 

What were you? Pure and clean Rationals and without defects. And why did you come to be what you are? Because of disobedience and rebelliousness. They entered in this part which was not ready to enter in progress and from there all details are clarified with the continuation of this content of the formation of the Universe and all its belongings, visible and invisible. 

That is why all of you have your good and bad fluids. There are people that only irradiate kind fluids and others only antipathy fluids. Then, there is the bad fluid and the good fluid. 

The fluid is a being that acts, builds, and destroys. The good fluid does as much good as the bad fluid does evil.

What is an inhabitant of the invisible world? It is a fluidically electric and magnetic body. It is not visible to you, but it is to us. It is like the wind: you feel it, but do not see. Like the electricity: you feel it, but do not see it. So is the body of the inhabitants of the invisible world, who see you, but you do not see them, because you are microbes made from the fluids.

Microbes become animals and then, the human body, which is a material conjunct of animals; because it is from this organic matter, it does not have the necessary strength to see the bodies that are superior to yours. It is a completely different composition. 

It is the same thing as the electricity and the wind. You feel their fluids, but do not see them. 

The carbonaro, which is your origin, is a different life; inferior to the fluid which is superior to you, which are the consequences of the fluids.


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