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domingo, 24 de janeiro de 2021



The deformation of the part of the Plain that had been melting, becoming a gum and after melted, became water, at the same time that the other part of the same plain, which had the resin and this resin, with the heat of the light focus, started to clump, and after clumped, it started to roast, becoming ashes; completed their state of deformation when the water, penetrating in the ashes, with time, rotted, generating from this rotting, microbes of all kinds. 

Then, this amount of Rationals who entered into this part that was not yet ready to enter progress and due to not being ready, it started to deform and this deformation caused the dislocation from the Plain that is up here, and as they progressed, that part of the plain, not yet ready for progress was going down and also down with it were those Rationals, also deforming and losing the virtues. 

And as they lost their virtues, these were accumulating, and after a certain time, all gathered, they started to deform into a light focus. In what degree were they already? In the second degree. This was when the light focus started. 

As they deformed themselves, everything was going down and distancing each time more from that focus. When they got to the third degree, they were already in the end of extinction of those bodies. And then, those who extinguished on the resin deformed into ashes generated the female sex and those who extinguished themselves on the Plain transformed into gum generated the male sex. They were here in the beginning of the third degree. And it took a long eternity for the formation of these bodies.

The light increased, each time more, its warmth and thus came the formation of other bodies, much different from these. As the deformation progressed, the bodies were modifying; they were not as you are in today’s generation; as the present generation is very different from the generation of thousands of years ago. The bodies formed initially were deaf, mute, and blind, and only later the vision spring up. No one understood each other. 

They saw, but did not know to divulge what they saw. And so, they took a long eternity and were already in the fourth degree. 

They understood each other by waves and then, the voice coming, they yelped and howled. They stayed there for a great eternity. When they got to the fifth degree of deformation, they already understood each other by howling and yelping. The light focus always warming, each time more everything was going down. The heat always stronger, penetrated deeply into the ashes and into the gum and everything melting and going down, while the understanding was by howling and yelping. 

They got to the sixth degree, the sixth degree of the deformation and started to loosen the voice. They were stutterers. 

They all stuttered, but did not understand each other with this stuttering. During the seventh degree, more advanced. In this seventh progress of the deformation, a large part of the Plain had already become ash. 

The virtues of these deformed ashes, as it was deforming and losing its virtues, caused those virtues to gather, causing the 
formation of the moon. The moon, even though formed, did not show up, starting to gather on it the virtues of the resin, of the plain, and of parts from the Rational’s bodies. During this degree, they were already advanced stutterers.

During the eighth degree, even more advanced stutterers, starting, during this phase, to gather the virtues of the Plain and the resin for the formation of the stars, which, in that time, were only in formation, did not yet show up. Ninth degree, progress of much more advanced stutterers, but they were not yet of understanding, however, they loosened their voices each time more. 

During the tenth degree, they were stutterers with some understanding, but very vague. Eleventh degree, more advanced, by a little bit. Twelfth degree, the same way. In this phase, the resin, with its deformation already well developed.

During the thirteenth degree, the water penetrated extensively underneath these ashes of the resin. The solid parts stayed and the non-solid went down and the water, taken over these places, originating the separation of the lands. The non-solid parts with the penetration of water underneath submerged, and the solid parts are those that are there. It was in this thirteenth progress that these divisions started. 

Now you ask: "-And why does the sea move?" I say: because the sea is alive and produces lives. 

Furthermore you ask: "-And why does freshwater move very little?" Because it also has life, but it does not have the strength of its life, like of the sea. 

"-It does not have the strength of the sea, why?" Because freshwater has a tranquil and placid life and the life of the sea is agitated. 

Then, when the separation of lands caused by water began, the moon started to appear; very little showing itself. In the fourteenth degree started to be born vegetation completely different from of those you know, because in that time it did not yet rain.

Progress was still of stutterers and the living beings, from so much effort for stuttering, felt the throat drying up and started to make use of water little by little. With time, they were increasing its use, originating the dilation of the organs. 

During the fifteenth degree, they started to make use of some vegetables; they were still stutterers with insignificant understanding, and in space there was already a large quantity of vapor, which came out from the ashes and water, produced by the light focus, which warmed up each time more, its intensity. This vapor, accumulating up to a certain height, with time turned into water, producing a drizzle, and during this phase it is when rain started and during this same progress, also the generation of animals appeared. 

In the sixteenth degree started the dilation of the organs. 

Until then, they were eternal, but did not have an understanding of things. In the seventeenth degree they were well developed and so was the deformation, starting then to use vegetables in abundance; it was when the first cases of death appeared. 

New generations started during this progress and they lasted a long eternity. They died and were born, died and were born stutterers, with little understanding of things. They eat the vegetables that appealed to them and, among them, the poisonous ones, which they did not know and thus eat them and died. It started, there, the new generations, the new understandings; they started to pay attention to what was good and to what was bad, due to eating it and feeling bad. It came then, in this seventeenth progress, many generations. In the eighteenth degree, the moon already appeared with its modifications and the stars too; the deformation was almost entirely completed. Day and night started to appear, due to the sun making its trajectory; setting and rising, setting and rising.

Nineteenth degree, nineteenth eternity, with a lot of understanding about things. The vegetation completely modified, due to day and night already existing; and, at this stage, it already rained, a little, but it did rained. During the twentieth degree, in progress the new generations and new understandings; regular understandings, but they did not yet have knowledge of things. 

Only when they got to the twenty-first degree, it is when they started to understand each other normally. 

With the intensity of the heat and its accumulation, which rose, it was when the rains started and the living beings started to hide in dens and huts, to make shelters, and only much later, during this twenty-first progress, it is when started the first steps you are now living. Before those first steps began, they already understood each other and life was of exchange. 

And so, there it is these data, for certifying how you were coming down and why these degrees are there, what they mean, and what they correspond to.


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Contacts and book orders can be done by the following emails:
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