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quarta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2021



"In a post of light, fraternity and love, what should be done? Always ensure that the benign consistencies are multiplied more and more for everyone, who contemplate what they should contemplate.

Laziness, greed, discouragement, these are for people who do not have what I am going to give them. One should never contemplate evil and base it on it, because the more a person contemplates evil, if it is based on it, the worse it gets, the more it worries, the more it discourages itself, the more it lives from sadness and discontent.

So, the living being who has the plan of salvation in his hands, what should he do? Contemplate, love, to always improve. Those who seek the plan of salvation are because they want to be saved, those who contemplate it because they want to be contemplated, to be served and it will be beyond what they need. " (P. 115 1st volume, book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).

CONSIDERATIONS: Here are described the bases for any human being who wants to live well and achieve his personal evolution. Yes, because we must follow the path of good and good to do to our neighbors and ourselves.  This is because, we know today that everyone here is living in a world, outside of our true natural state. And to live in these conditions, is to live under the rules of suffering and dying, until we truly know each other, to stop being so.

When we set out to walk the path of goodness and remain on it, we must be driven by the spirit of perseverance! To persist in the good, to always plant the good, to maintain all that is good and good and to reap an even greater good. This is the sense of humanity and solidarity with everything and everyone.

These are the values ​​we are learning from the Rational Knowledge, where in them there is only the weapon of good, reason, peace and universal harmony.  In them too, we are learning to know and respect true human rights, since everyone has the right to life (in all categories and types of life), because we are all children of God. And respecting life is a demonstration of respect for all of God's children! And respect above all and everyone, since whoever respects it is because they want to be respected.

Therefore, we all know that evil exists, but there is a reason for everything, there is a reason for existing, since there is no effect without a cause!  Today, through Rational Knowledge, we fully know the cause and origin of evil and who was responsible for it!  We also know that evil was necessary and necessary, so that we could feel its consequences in ourselves, never to walk its path and get rid of it forever! Therefore, we must never contemplate evil, because we will be victims of it!

Therefore, today we are taking the first steps towards the implementation of the true good, working together with nature, which through its natural evolution, has brought us RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION! (By Antonio dos Santos and Ângela Maria). Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to all!

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