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quinta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2021



"Heaven, full of joy and glory for those prophesied from beyond, who with their mission, fulfill the sacred duty to save everyone in this great world on Earth. The highest immunized, cultivating everyone for the same glory, for the same triumph of  selflessness, simplifying with all naturalness; the calm is indifferent to ambition and greed. "  (Page 105, 1st. Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).

CONSIDERATIONS: The joys and glories referenced by RATIONAL SUPERIOR are directly related to the appearance of lights of different colors in the sky! Ignorance of these lights, naming them UFOs and alien beings!  Change of evolutionary parameter in nature with the emergence of a new Higher Culture, coming from the world of these luminous beings. Pure, clean and perfect beings in a mission of peace, love, fraternity and universal harmony!

For some time, humanity has seen lights appear in space, in the firmament and is curious to know what it is about. In the anxiety of wanting to explain these apparitions, the human being started to identify these lights by different names: UFOs, FLYING DISCS, ALIENIGENOUS BEINGS, EXTRATERRESTRIALS, etc.

But none of these luminous bodies are!

And why do we make such a statement? Because humanity is unaware of the existence of a phase change in nature. And this change is responsible for the ethereal-psychic elevation of the egregore of our orb, for the alignment of the planets, for the appearance of these luminous bodies, for the appearance of a Superior Culture of Origin and for others more!

So, you may be wondering: where did this guy get this information from?  What is he basing himself on to say that? The answer is simple: in the Culture that these luminous bodies brought to Earth to promote the elevation of the class of life in which the human being is! Yes, friends, these luminous bodies have their Culture, for being beings from a World that is much superior to ours; a Culture capable of promoting peace, love and universal fraternity, because there is a basis, logic, evidence and evidence in it and this Culture has now arrived on Earth!

These luminous bodies are pure, clean and perfect beings, they are INHABITANTS OF THE RATIONAL WORLD, the world of the true origin of humanity, which is of Rational origin, circumstance of being philosophically and scientifically being called Rational animals.

So, the human being asks himself: what are these luminous bodies?  Where do they come from? What they want? What are they advertising?  Why don't you talk to humanity?  Where are they going? Why do they move in space at incalculable speeds?

Therefore, it is necessary to clarify that these Luminous Bodies, which present themselves in different ways, in different ways, in different ways and in different colors, are Inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD, the World from which they come and where they return, for being of over there. All of this is happening because there was a union of the two worlds in one, Their World with ours here on Earth and because there was a phase change in nature: the Rational animal phase ended and the Rational Phase entered nature. These Inhabitants are coming here to promote the development of the Reasoning of the human being, aiming with this the return of all humanity to their true World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

When all of humanity is developed by Their Culture, They will speak to everyone naturally, since everyone will be prepared for it and will not be frightened, nor will they be impressed!

These luminous bodies move at incalculable speeds because Their body consists of a Rational Energy Body and pure, clean and perfect cosmic mass, being certain that this energy is superior to all the energies that the human being knows and to everything  that exists here in this world of matter.

 And Their Culture is the Rational Culture, contained in the books Universo em Desencanto! This Culture develops the Reasoning of the human being, so that the human being and the whole of humanity can communicate with them, as well as in this Culture are found, with basis and with logic, all the answers to the questions made about them! (By Antonio dos Santos and Ângela Maria).  Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to all!

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