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domingo, 31 de janeiro de 2021



"Explain the truths that are exposed here, with the utmost delicacy, talking calmly to attract the attention and understanding of others. Well, it is not a thing to be discussed, but a form of guidance that everyone should  to know, because everyone is looking for him in the world, and the living being who strives to publicize this work, will reach a point never expected, which he never dreamed, due to his obedience and persistence.

This is an aggrandizement advertisement for everyone. It is the surest way for the living being to know his true natural. It is not religion, it is not a sect nor a doctrine; and therefore, it does not attack, offend or humiliate. It is a knowledge of the true natural of everyone, who did not know.  Do not interpret it as a religion, because often, through innocence, they begin to say blunders, when they refuse to leave their religion to follow another one. It is necessary to make others aware that this is not a religion, it is knowledge independent of any doctrine or sect. It is not spiritism, but knowledge that interests everyone. "(Page 176/177, 1st. Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).



Framing is a natural tendency of people when they know something new and unprecedented, that is, they seek in their reference points and traditional knowledge an identification or justification to explain, define everything that is new and unknown.  This insecurity and the need to label everything within patterns that are already known and dominated, make people not realize that nature is about transformations, where nothing is repeated. The patterns of yesterday and now, created by imagination and thought, have neither a base nor a sufficient structure to serve as a point of reference for the manifestations of life today and tomorrow, respectively.  So, in their haste to classify what they do not know, some have been insisting that RATIONAL CULTURE is a sect, other times they say it is religion, doctrine and so on. And none of that is RATIONAL CULTURE. And, based on the Aurélio Buarque de Holanda Dictionary (Brazilian philologist), we explain why. (THE CONTENT BETWEEN THE ASPASTS TO FOLLOW IS A TRANSCRIPTION OF THIS DICTIONARY).


 "It is a set of principles that underlie a religious system".

                   RATIONAL CULTURE is not a set of principles that lend itself to something.  It is the natural culture of nature, the true basis of universal life.

 "Christian catechesis".

                   It is not the function of Rational Culture to give instructions on Christian philosophy. Its function is to unite through the complete knowledge it gives about nature, its mechanism, its cause, its origin and its base.

"Teaching, preaching".

                   Rational Culture is not a teaching but knowledge without the mysteries of life. She preaches nothing, because she respects everyone's free will.

"Text of written works".

                   Rational Culture is unprecedented, for humanity, it is not extracted from human beings;  it is extra-cosmic.

"Rule, prejudice, norm".

                   Rational Culture is not a rule, prejudice or norm because it is absolutely dynamic, natural and does not impose, determine or establish any rules of behavior or life.  And, whoever starts to study the Books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, harmonizes with himself, with any environment, becomes connected to nature and acquires for himself, through self-knowledge, perfect balance.  Therefore, in no concept of Doctrine does Rational Culture fit, therefore it is not a Doctrine.


 "Beliefs in the existence of a supernatural form or forms, considered (s) as creator (s) of the Universe and that as such, must be adored (s) and obeyed".

                   RATIONAL CULTURE is not a belief; belief is something admitted by faith regardless of evidence and proof. Belief is passive acceptance, without intelligible knowledge of the logical basis, of the accredited thing.  RATIONAL CULTURE is knowledge that gives full and true, natural and demystified awareness of all existence.  Whoever believes is convinced, whoever knows is conscious.  RATIONAL CULTURE does not give conviction, it gives conscience.  Consciousness is the same as knowing. The convict accepts totally without proof. The conscious person fully knows why he had proof.  Still, the Rational Culture shows that the conscious being pays only obedience to himself, to his own conscience, positive conscience, reasoning. The conscious reason because he knows and can make a fair assessment of things;  the real, impartial, unbiased, natural assessment. The convinced (or believer) thinks and imagines because he does not know and gives things the value that he or others think and imagine; that things have a concept that does not correspond to the reality and purpose of the thing - a preconception or prejudice.

"Manifestation of such belief through its own doctrine and ritual, which generally involve ethical prejudices".

                   This placement is a consequence of the previous one, already explained.  It does not fit into RATIONAL CULTURE, which is neither belief nor doctrine.

 "Virtue of the man who lends due worship to God".

                   It does not fit into RATIONAL CULTURE, because RATIONAL CULTURE has no cults or rituals for anyone to practice them.  Virtue in RATIONAL CULTURE is the absence of rituals, mystifications.  Virtue in RATIONAL CULTURE is to live naturally, that is, in harmony with the Natural Laws of Nature.

 "Reverence for sacred things".

                   RATIONAL CULTURE proves that everything has the same origin.  And that everything must be seen as it really is, within its cosmic and natural function. Everything has a reason for being (there is no effect without a cause), so everything and everyone deserves respect, without minimizing or maximizing the value of anything.

 "Any affiliation to a specific system of thought or belief, which involves a philosophical, ethical, metaphysical position, etc."

                   RATIONAL CULTURE is not a system of any thought or belief;  this already cancels your framing here.  RATIONAL CULTURE is the Culture of the development of Reasoning, which even brings to the knowledge of humanity that the phase of thought and imagination ended in 1935; it proves and proves what forces are thought and imagination and why the phase of those forces is over. And yet, there is no affiliation. RATIONAL CULTURE is universal and prior to the world in which we live. It is the natural culture of nature and, whether they like it or not, everyone is part of it because they are all natural children of nature.

"Way of thinking or acting; principles".

                   RATIONAL CULTURE is not a way of thinking;  it is natural knowledge that leads to Reasoning.  It is not a way of acting because it does not interfere with each other's natural - everyone is different because everyone has different roles to play in the universal context. It is proven that RATIONAL CULTURE is not religion.  (By Nágea Luiza Batista).  Collaboration: Antonio dos Santos and Ângela Maria). Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to all!

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