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We have the elementary course, which is the enchantment, beneath the sun, the secondary course, above the sun, and the superior course, which is next to the 

The elementary course is of this life of mysteries, of enigmas, and of experiences, to end all in nothing, because that which comes from nothing, ends as nothing. 

So, enchantment: mysteries without a solution. Now, disenchantment: all solutions of all formation of this world and its creation. Elementary course because you were tied to matter without a solution to this enigma. 

You knew why you were like this, but did not know why you ended up like that, being ignorant about your being and everything else; making a mystery about everything because you did not know anything right, taking like a parrot, unconsciously, due to you being enchanted like any animal that needs to learn everything to know stuff. If you don’t learn it, you will not know it, as any other animal. So, this is the elementary course, course of the enchantment, of the parrots, it is of the inferior Astral because it belongs to matter, the inferior world, the world of enchantment, of the mysteries, of the enigmas, of the experiences that have no end, of the adventures, always adventuring to see if you get it right or not. 

The world of unbalance is the world of the beasts, which are two enchanted worlds, the inhabitants of Earth and the inhabitants of space between the Sun and Earth. 

The visible world, which is of matter, and the invisible world, which are the inhabitants of space. So, this is the elementary course, where everyone is born unaware and need to learn everything to no avail because you are enchanted ones. 

We have the secondary course above the sun, where other invisible and visible beings inhabit, which are the planets, they are above the elementary course; secondary because it is below the RATIONAL PLAIN. 

The superior course is close to the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, on the RATIONAL PLAIN. So, for you to become immune and the fluidic body to return to the place of origin, no longer being born over there, get to know what RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION is, to have the true certainty of your being and of all beings, to get to know the reason why you lived and live over there in this life of unhappiness; no one is ever happy, no matter how well, because matter is of evil origin. 

Evil is always suffering, is never happy, because evil does not know good, it has never seen good, and he who has never seen good, is always seeking it, as everyone is in the world. Where are you going to find it? Only in the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. 

Matter is of evil origin, it is pure evil. Due to being evil, it destroys itself, it ends, dies. You would stay over there the entire life seeking good without finding it, because it does not exist in the life of matter. Since everything is matter, everything is of evil origin, if everything is evil, where are you going to find good? 

Now, there exists the word ‘good’, but this word is just to deceive, to soothe, to attract, to indoctrinate, to live in illusion, without hope: “-Wait and you will still see good one day.” So, the human being stays in that hope of one day finding good, in that illusion. 

Due to you not being aware of the origin of your being, of the being of matter, which is
of evil origin, and because good does not exist, you do not see anyone happy. Everyone in the world is unhappy because no one is well, due to you being of evil origin, you are evil, life is evil because it is matter.

Where is good? Where are you going to find good over there? Everyone in turmoil, everyone worried, everyone full of problems. Turmoil is great around the entire world. The word ‘good’ was invented, created by people, as were all words, to understand one another. 

You invented this word ‘good’ to appease the savages, indoctrinate, to appease the beast: “-Do this and you will be well.” If the beasts were wild, they’d be appeased, they 
would become gentle, expecting that good. 

While waiting, in hope, there was time to tame, to appease. They had that hope that they would be very well, and with that interest of becoming well, they would obey, 
become humble, thinking about the good they would receive, and this good always in the hopes, the last one to vanish. 

You really think matter is good? You really think there is good in matter? This is only for those who are in illusion about things, and one in illusion does not know what he is talking about, one in illusion is an unconscious one, in illusion with the fantasies, in illusion with appearances, in illusion with the arts, in illusion with this nativity that is the world of enchantment. An unconscious one who does not know why he was born over there, does not know why he lives over there, does not know where he came from, does not know where he is going to. 

You accept all of this and keep talking like a parrot, unconsciously, because of reality, you are aware of nothing, you know nothing, except now that you are knowing, 
seeing, and feeling the drama of the enchantment, the fight of the unconscious ones. 

Today you get to know the truth as it is, of the enchantment and of the disenchantment. 

You fight a little bit to free yourselves of the life of unconsciousness, which is the life of enchantment. So, the elementary course, the secondary course, and the superior course.


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