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The sun is the clock, and the moon  is the pointer, that is why it marks the quarters. The stars, the pointer of the seconds upon the formation of nature. The fluids more charged with magnetic force produce more virus from this part, and thence, the generation and formation of the feminine sex. If the fluid is more charged with electric force, more virus from that part, prevailing the masculine sex. Those charges are produced or made by the fluids of the moon.

The moon, being the pointer of this clock, is what causes the charges and discharges, for that reason it charges and discharges. In the waning quarter it is discharging and in the crescent quarter it is charging; in the new moon it is neutral and so, the moon has great influence on the generation and formation of the beings.

The much charged magnetic fluid produces a large quantity of virus from this part because its influence is great, and thence there is the generation and formation of the feminine sex. The electric part which it the fluir, when is more charged it produces and generates the masculine sex because the charges are varying due to the quartes of the moon, which are diferente.

Then, when ir is full, totally charged, it produces a great magnetic force and when it is waning, discharging the magnetic force; when it is growing, charging with magnetic force; and that is why nature is varying, due tho the quarters of the moon. Inside these quarters are the minutes, the seconds and the hours, and because there are all these modifications of quarters, of minutes and of seconds, there occurs all these varietes, these irregularities on nature, the unequalness and the differences of one thing from the other.

The, you often say: " There is not one thing equal to another. There always has to be a difference, either large or small, due to the quarters, to the minutes, to the seconds and to the hours that modify the electric and magnetic action." One second it is under the magnetic influence, on the other second it is already under another magnetic action, and son on.

In one minute it is already one magnetic action, in one second it is already another magnetic action, in three minutes it is already another electric and magnetic action, and thus are the hours. The electric and magnetic actions are in constant modifications ; that is why the thoughts are varying. Now you think one thing, now you think another thing. The thoughts do not stop due to these modifications of the electric and magnetic force.

To be continued

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