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sábado, 15 de junho de 2024



"They still don't know everything about this world they inhabit and they already want to know everything here from the Rational side? How can they? When they are here, yes, they will know everything, bit by bit, from the Rational side; why it is like this here and even beyond. Wanting to reach what is above the RATIONAL PLAIN is the living being being blind and reckless. The living being asks: - "Ah! I want, at least, by description, to be told what it is like." Well! Here are the clearest data in the Bookkeeping, with true and proven bases, that the theory is good, but the practice is better. The mania of many it is wanting to start where others end up and they have lived in this world for so many ages, without ever discovering their beginning and their end and they already want to know where they are not yet, as I explained to you, the plain up here is very big, much bigger. than this world they inhabit. Progress is different. The bodies are pure, clean, perfect, without defects. There are no two sexes. ; it is a single being. The food is very different from that used there, just as the living beings that live here on this plain are very different. Don't you see the Sun and far above it, in the Rational part? But these bodies are different; they have no legs or arms, they are not hairy, they are not animals. Like the Sun: it has no legs or arms and it walks." (Page 87/88, 1st Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).

CONSIDERATIONS: THE SUPERIOR RATIONAL, with all its simplicity and naturalness, succinctly describing what life is like and what the beings that inhabit the RATIONAL WORLD are like! 

Have you noticed, my friends, how we are faced with the absolute greatest reality of all time? And what is this reality? THE EXISTENCE OF INTELLIGENT LIFE OUTSIDE EARTH! And intelligent life with progress and evolution; with beings far superior to us, since they are pure, clean, perfect and without defects; with a diet different from ours; where there is no suffering and everyone is eternal, that is, everyone has the right to live, there is no death! Look what a beautiful and wonderful description, my friends! This was what our science had been looking for for a long time! And working incessantly, with extremely advanced scientific research to find and which now, so naturally and so simply, is here in our hands and within the reach of everyone, from the most renowned scientist to the simple and humble man with little education! 

So, my friends, the existence of intelligent life outside Earth has been proven and proven! RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION provides us with this proof! And this intelligent life is outside the Earth, yes, my friends, because the RATIONAL WORLD is located above and far above the Sun! THE SUPERIOR RATIONAL clarifies to us that the distance from the Sun to the RATIONAL WORLD is much greater than the distance from the Earth to the Sun! 

And the evidence doesn’t stop there, my friends! Did you know that these beings that inhabit the RATIONAL WORLD are the same beings that are presenting themselves here on Earth, in the firmament, in the form of luminous bodies, in various shapes, forms and different colors? Yes, my friends, these beings are Inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD and are now presenting themselves here, because there was a union of the two worlds into one! Yes, my friends, from Their WORLD to ours! And no one knew; and no one felt it; and no one noticed! And that this Union represents a new milestone in the history of human evolution, the entry of a New Era, a new Phase: the era of the Third Millennium, the Rational Phase! 

These beings are coming here on a mission of peace, love, fraternity and universal harmony! They are the authentic testimony of how we were before we became deformed as we are! 

And do you want to know about another great reality? We have already said before that: the objective of knowledge of Rational Culture is to connect all humanity to its true World of Origin and from there receive all the precise guidelines for its perfect balance in the life of matter! And our World of Origin, my friends, is where these beings live, these Inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD! In addition to connecting us to our World of Origin, my friends, the Knowledge of Rational Culture also develops Rational Clairvoyance and with it developed, we will all see the RATIONAL WORLD, everyone's place of origin! 

And all of this is obtained by reading and rereading the brilliant pages of the Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT! (By Antonio dos Santos and Ângela Maria). Translated by: Joyce Barros. 

Rational greetings to everyone!


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