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"And so, everyone feels around to see if they get it right or not; whether it works or not. Everyone is always living like this, horribly, in the uncertainty of this, in the uncertainty of that, in the doubt of this, in the doubt of that, suspicious of everything, thinking a lot of things. Always experimenting to see if it works. And because they lived that way, science began to understand that everyone had a spirit.

In RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, on the contrary. There are no doubts. We don't live on experiences. One does not live in distrust, because it gives us true knowledge of natural things and teaches us the why of the world, the why of everything, proving and confirming the truth of truths." (Page 163/164, 1st Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).

CONSIDERATIONS: When we begin reading the UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT Books, the SUPERIOR RATIONAL (its Author), in the chapter entitled "INTRODUCTION", states: "In this Work, there are all the teachings of the beginning and end of the world, dictated by the SUPERIOR RATIONAL, to administer Rational Knowledge. What are these Rational Knowledge based on? They are based on the true personality. In Rational Knowledge, there are all the bases of the supreme being to everything and everyone, to make everyone know where they came from, how they came , where they go and how they go". It is clearly seen that Rational Knowledge has the character of true personality and that it has a basis! And now, He tells us that this Knowledge also has proof and proof! And what proof and proof would that be? All of them are personal proofs and confirmations that the reader will obtain in their lives as the Racional study unfolds! Well, these personal tests translate into the physical, moral and financial balance that the reader acquires, as he puts into practice the knowledge he obtains from daily reading!

In addition to these, there is the development of the Rational part of the human body and the Rational part of the nature of which we are part! and why this happens? Because there was a phase change in nature! Before, nature was governed by two energies: electrical and magnetic and now, with the change of phase, nature is starting to be governed by Rational Energy, an energy hitherto unknown to humanity and coming from a World Superior to the ours, which is the RATIONAL WORLD (our true world of origin). At the appropriate time, we will talk in more detail about this phase change in nature and its consequences.

Regarding the development of the Rational part of the body, we can say that it will only bring improvements to the human being, translated into improved health, quality of life, intelligence, perception, vision, etc. Regarding vision, the daily study of the Work enables the development of the so-called Rational Clairvoyance which, after being developed by the Rational Energy, will make all humanity see its true World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD and come into contact with its Inhabitants , which are these Luminous Bodies that are presenting themselves here in the firmament, in different ways, ways, and different colors!

So, my friends, get to know this great Culture, to be blessed with all these tests and confirmations inherent to each and every human being! (By Antonio dos Santos and Ângela Maria). Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to everyone!


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