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And truth; the knowledge of everyone in this world is illusionism, it is illusion; and because everyone lives in this delusion, the suffering has always progressed more and more, to the point where everyone has become misunderstood and therefore, all understandings have been fleeting. Today, they understand each other very well, tomorrow they disagree about everything and from every point of view. And so, they wander in this twilight, rowing against the tide, thinking that they shine because they have life, but they don't know why they live.

Now you are knowing and knowing the secret of this hole and you can look up here and say: - "I see the firmament and I know why I see it; I know why I am here in this world. The sun is up there and we are here in this hole , on top of this land, but now I know why I step on it. I stopped living gropingly as when I tried to understand everything and knew nothing about this origin."

Everyone lives in this world trying to discover this great knowledge, which is knowledge that does not satisfy and that is why the suffering is increasing. Where there is suffering, there is no knowledge because if they knew they would not suffer. Therefore, what is the use of this knowledge that only brings suffering?” (Page 236, 1st Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).

CONSIDERATIONS: When we begin the study of the UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT Books, we come across a chapter entitled "WARNING" and in that chapter we find the following question: "what is the value of a living being having life, living and not knowing how to live?" And the answer is that nothing is worth it, because the more the living person tries to organize themselves in life, the more they become disorganized and as they become disorganized, the more their suffering increases. It's as if the tide were fighting against the tide, in a turbulent sea.

and why this happens? Why do human beings live unknown to themselves and the organizations that govern their lives! Yes, friends, life has different organizations to govern it, different natural laws and different natural movements, totally unknown to humanity!

Phase changes, which are natural movements of nature, directly affect the organization of our life on Earth and are one of the examples of our lack of knowledge of the organizations that govern life. Did you know, my friends, that there was a phase change in nature? But no one felt it, no one noticed! Do you know why? Because we live completely against nature and those who live against nature are unaware of its natural movements.

And do you know what this phase change in nature was, my friends? The end of one phase and the entry of another. The phase of thought and imagination has ended and entered nature, the phase of development of Reasoning, the substitute for thought and imagination! Did you know that, my friends? And because the phase of thought and imagination had ended, nature stopped energetically feeding these two human faculties, which, due to lack of food, began to weaken! And this weakening has caused human imbalance! But no one felt the change in this phase, however, everyone around the world is feeling the effects of the weakening of these two human faculties, such as the increase in violence, the increase in terror, barbarities, monstrosities, attacks, etc. Finally, the world today is going through an era of disadvantaged nature, the so-called "age of fire"!

Therefore, my friends, try to understand the phase change that occurs in nature, so that you can start living with the tide and within the phase that is now present here! To do this, all you need to do is read and re-read the brilliant pages of the Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT! (By Antonio dos Santos and Ângela Maria). Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to everyone!


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