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quarta-feira, 13 de março de 2024



"Immunization means: all equipped, all gathered, all understanding one thing, all equipped with the true action of their own nature. Rational is a single temperament. Everyone will understand themselves in one way - the Rational!

In immunization there is no failure, there are no doubts, it is everyone's way, because everyone belongs to this source, and whether they want it or not, they will return to this source; Whether they want it or not, they will be immunized. It is time for everyone to recognize that this life is an illusion and only after reaching their true places, will they be able to enjoy the good." (Page 203, 1st Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).

CONSIDERATIONS: So now, RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION has arrived and with it, the Rational Phase! In the Rational Phase, nature is elevated to a higher category, as it disconnects from the two energies that govern this world: Electric and Magnetic energy, responsible for the deregulation of nature and its beings as they are two degenerate, deformed, weakened and polluted energies. 

With the advent of the Rational Phase, nature begins to connect with a Higher energy, which is Rational Energy, a pure, clean and perfect energy, capable of regulating nature and, as a consequence, the human being, a microcosm from nature! Rational Energy is an energy that is far superior to electrical and magnetic energies, as it comes from a Superior World, pure, clean and perfect, which is the RATIONAL WORLD, from which everything and we all originate!

Therefore, Rational Energy is the energy of our true natural state and now, we are learning what we need to do to connect with It, which is to develop the Reasoning we have, which is developed naturally through reading and rereading the pages from the book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT. Daily reading establishes the person's contact with the Rational Energy emanating from the pages of the Book and this energy, acting on the human being's brain, starts to develop the Rational sensitivity of the brain; This part was paralyzed due to the lack of Rational Energy necessary for its development, which has now effectively started to happen.

Finally, this evolutionary elevation of nature is called a Phase Change in nature! The pole of nature was connected to Electrical and Magnetic energy and, now, the pole of nature is connecting to Rational Energy! Scientists have already noticed this pole shift on Earth, however, they make catastrophic predictions regarding this change, which, as it is a natural process, a natural change, no shock, no shock, no reaction will cause, since what is natural no one feels it, just like no one feels growing up and getting older, they just see its effects! (By Antonio dos Santos and Ângela Maria). Translated by: Joyce Barros.


Rational greetings to everyone!


TRECHOS RACIONAIS!  "A vida continuará nessa lama, até que todos estejam de posse da Escrituração Racional, para que todos imunizem-se....