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domingo, 31 de março de 2024



"The obscuration of the living has reached such a point that material beings are worth more than life itself. Life is too much more than it is worth. However, they increasingly give it less importance. They qualified the material beings, which they are less than life, with more value. And so, becoming unbalanced, lowering themselves, and reducing themselves more and more, to the point of conceptualizing life and elevating it to a high level of importance; at the same time they downgrade it as less than anything material.

That's why everyone fights, everyone fights, they kill each other for everything, because they place material beings with more value than life itself, at the same time that they value life above all else. The confusion is so great that they are within this terrifying enchantment, in such conditions, that they do not notice the contradictions created between the designs of things, due to the misunderstandings between themselves and things, which are the belongings of life, which disturb, through confusion created, where there can be no understanding or balance in the world. This is the reason for their suffering, for not being able to live in this enchantment, where they fight against everything, otherwise they won't live." (Page 197, 1st Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).

CONSIDERATIONS: Because we are living in a world outside our true natural state, life is provisional and fleeting! And because we didn't know where this life began, where it originated, we thought and believed that life was the same: that of sufferers and mortals, without knowing why we suffered and without knowing why we died! Hence, the question that remains unanswered: if we don't know why we are here in this world as sufferers and mortals, without knowing why we are like this, how can we say that life is the same?

We said so, because we lived unknown to ourselves and the world in which we live! We didn't know why we existed in this world, nor why it existed! In this condition, we thought that life was the same as that of sufferers and mortals, but no one was satisfied with suffering, much less with death!

Today, through the Rational Knowledge contained in the Work UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, we are coming to know ourselves and know that everything in this world is temporary and that we are here passing through, because we are living outside of our true natural state, which is of Rational pure, clean and perfect and of eternal life!

And through this Knowledge, we know what to do to leave this condition of suffering and mortals and return, alive and alive, to our true natural state! All of this in a simple and natural way, through Books, available to everyone! These books represent the materialization of our true Culture, Rational Culture, since we are beings of Rational origin! And because we are of Rational origin, it is because, philosophically and scientifically, we are in this class of Rational animals, or better said, animals of Rational origin!

And this new Culture is not linked to any sect, doctrine or religion, as it is a Culture in favor of everything and everyone, whose main purpose is the return of humanity to the true place of origin of all, the RATIONAL WORLD! (By Antonio dos Santos and Ângela Maria). Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to everyone!


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