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sábado, 24 de fevereiro de 2024



"It's this mania where no one is content with being small, everyone wants to be big. No one is content with being poor, everyone wants to be rich. No one is content with being at the bottom, everyone wants to be at the top, because of their whims, without knowing that they have the map of life in the palms of their hands, indicating the entire trajectory why they will have to pass.

Therefore, it was not nature that made everyone bad in this world, as it provided the map of life, with perfect numbers and grammar, so that they could be guided by them and live well; but the people of the past, due to their undeniable whims, did not want to know about this and created another alphabet, according to their convenience. It has been proven that if everyone suffers, the blame lies with those living in the past. Today, many still study the astrological chart and even make a fortune, announcing the past, present and future to anyone; many are right, by reading the map that they learned to read in the real alphabet.

However, this is not the alphabet that prevails in the world. What prevails is what they have become accustomed to and which is worthless, which is why, to earn a living, many look for the astrological alphabet, the map of sayings in the palms of their hands, where the living being, studying only half of it, can already unravel almost the entire lives of their fellow human beings." (Page 138/139, 1st Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).

CONSIDERATIONS: So, today's new generations are not totally responsible for the suffering of humanity, but rather the backward and nonconformist people of the past, who replaced the astrological alphabet with the artificial alphabet. This is the legacy inherited from primitive civilizations and this is one of the reasons for the divergences of languages ​​that exist today. Yes, because at the time of the astrology alphabet everyone understood and understood each other, the language was one for everyone, there was no divergence of languages ​​because the alphabet was one!

With the creation of the artificial alphabet, it gave rise to the creation of different languages, because each people created and invented their alphabet, their way of understanding, according to their wishes and tastes. Hence, one of the reasons for the infinity of different languages ​​and for each people to express themselves differently from each other, when the language should be one, since they are all human beings and belong to a single class and race, the Rational Race.

Among the Irrationals, there are different modes of understanding, due to the infinity of different classes that exist among them. But everyone understands each other, with each other, within their category of life. So, if a Brazilian dog or cat accompanies its owner on a trip to the United States (for example), when it arrives there, it will understand perfectly with the American dog or cat, which will not happen with its owner, if he does not know how to speak the English!

Today, with the advent of the Rational Phase, the Reasoning of all humanity is being developed. And Reasoning is just one thing, it's just one understanding, it's just one alphabet, the Rational Alphabet, which isn't really an alphabet but Culture, Rational Culture! Therefore, all humanity will come to understand and understand each other, through Reasoning! (By Antonio dos Santos and Ângela Maria). Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to everyone!


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