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domingo, 17 de dezembro de 2023



"Those who say that so much sacrifice is made, for nothing, are right, that the living being lives for the sake of living, because they have life and appear to have pleasure, without actually having it. Therefore, they say to themselves: - "I wish life didn't want me anymore, because there's no point in living when you don't know why you live, what you do here. Living like this is wasted time, and therefore, suffering is irresistible. What a hopeless world! What a useless life, where the illusion shines so well that everyone appears to live happily, and when it ends, everyone with their complaints, their worries, their preludes, laughing at certain times to avoid crying." And the living being continues with his his words: - "This is a strangled life; intimately appearing to be well organized, but once the truth is established, happiness is treacherous; apparently we are happy and intimately, in reality, we are so unhappy." (Page 248, 1st Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).

CONSIDERATIONS: It's very sad to live like this!

A life in which we do not know what its beginning was and what its end will be!

Not the material principle,

nor the material end!

But yes and mainly,

Its essential principle, its Rational origin!

Its essential end, its existential purpose, why not say, Rational!

It's very sad to live in this world, without knowing why we exist in it and why it exists in this way of being!

It's very sad to live,

without knowing where we came from and what our origins are,

what is our ancestry, to clarify why we exist!

It's very sad to live in the condition of sufferers

and deadly!

Wanting to know the reason for suffering and the reason for death,

wanting to know how to get rid of this torment and this infamous bad luck,

with which no one can come to terms, since no one can come to terms with suffering, much less with death!

It's very sad to live,

not knowing where you are going,

like a son, abandoned by his father!

Sad fate of man, apparently supported by a power that always fades away!

It's very sad to live like this,

seeking true knowledge and always finding mysteries, enigmas and phenomena,

as answers to questions, to existential problems!

Very sad to live without Rational Knowledge!

It's very sad to live like this, like an enchanted person who was born on this earth, without knowing why or for what!

Living like a pilgrim without a destination,

as if he were still a boy, standing before the Fountain of Knowledge!

Finally, the end of sadness has come! And surely and firmly, through the natural evolution of nature,

who with all his greatness, beauty and dexterity, now serves at this table,

the essential literary dish,

putting an end to the enchantment, the mysteries and the tears,


of Rational Culture! (By Antonio dos Santos and Ângela Maria). Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to everyone!


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