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segunda-feira, 13 de novembro de 2023



"Here, simple data to understand temperaments and why the incompatibility of ideas that go around the world. Now, some living people will ask: "Will immunization bring cure to these sick people?".

I answer: yes! RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION tries to take the virtues that are deformed in these seven parts, to their natural state. Then, the living being will no longer be born there, because the virtues that are deformed there in these seven parts (sun, moon, stars, water, earth, animals and plants), as they are brought to the true natural, to the plain up here , they form another body completely different from this one.

Everyone depends on these seven parts and therefore, everyone has a particle in these beings, resulting in the formation of bodies. Everyone depends on these seven beings to live. Immunization is about transforming these seven particles that are there, in these seven deformed beings, into the natural state; up here it will then form the true body. After they are gathered, the living person will be immunized. All the particles, here on the RATIONAL PLAIN, form the true body. When the extinction of this body comes, already then, through immunization, they will see everything, as they know. An immunized person is complete with everything, with crystal clear lights that increase more and more." (Page 204/205, 1st Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).


"The formation of bodies there on Earth is derived from seven seeds and these seeds, in particles and are in the following places: one in the Sun, one in the Moon, in the Stars, in the water, in the earth, in the animals and in the vegetables. Therefore , the body depends on these seven parts, these seven particles that, together, form the human body. The living being, through RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, is immunized and the immunization tries to move these seven seeds, these seven particles, to the plain here above, Rational; here then, another body very different from this one is being formed and the living being, through immunization, will no longer be born there in this world, but rather up here, on the RATIONAL PLAIN, where everyone is pure, clean and perfect , without defects. Progress is pure, very different from this and there is no suffering of any kind." (SUPERIOR RATIONAL).


As clarified in previous posts, we originate from a Superior World, called by the Author of the Work, the RATIONAL WORLD, RATIONAL PLAIN, and therefore, we are in this class of Rational animal, or better said, animal of Rational origin.

Well, if there is a Superior world from which we originate, it is certain that this World has its Inhabitants, its progress, its life and its Superior, who governs and organizes it! This Superior is exactly the RATIONAL SUPERIOR (Author of the Work), which becomes a Reasoning Superior to all Reasonings, a Supreme Reasoning!

The Rational Knowledge contained in the Work UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, clearly explains to us how we left our World of Origin and arrived at the conditions in which we find ourselves today: completely deformed from our true natural state.

In the description above, we see the condition of man being a microcosm of the universe, being formed by seven particles disseminated in the seven seeds described, thus forming the seven parts of why we are the way we are. Note well that there are three cosmological parts and four earthly parts, demonstrating that the human being has a cosmological part and a material part! (By Antonio dos Santos and Ângela Maria). Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to everyone!


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