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sexta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2023



"Everything comes to an end. Three hundred years ago, nature was stronger. Six hundred years ago, even stronger. Nine hundred years ago, even stronger. The further the ages become from our time, the stronger nature , more powerful in everything than it currently is.

Humans lasted much longer, they were built like giants and Hercules, they were a rustic, peaceful and calm people. But since then, everything has dwindled more and more, and everything has dwindled due to the progress of degeneration. The son is weaker than the father, because he is made from the remains of his father; the grandfather, stronger than his son and grandson, as they are products of his remains; and the great-grandfather, the great-grandfather, each one stronger and so on."

(Page 267/268, 1st Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).

CONSIDERATIONS: We have already said that at the time when humanity was governed by the astrological alphabet, life and the world were much better! Everyone knew each other, inside and out! Therefore, no one could deceive anyone. No one could betray, steal, live by appearance, feeling one thing and appearing to be another, no one could kill, because they knew they would be discovered, no one could deceive anyone, there was more respect and authenticity in the way of life of people at that time!

We also said that this astrology alphabet was given by the High Supreme Court of Astrology, responsible for the good of all, for the balance of all. With this alphabet, everyone who followed it would return to our World of Origin, which effectively happened with its followers, who are today there in the RATIONAL WORLD, living as pure, clean and perfect, with their progress in purity.

At the time this alphabet was in force on Earth, human beings were in a superior class of life, namely, the Class of Rational Mediator. Mediator because he was halfway to returning to our World of Origin. And in this Class, the human being was linked to the Rational Mediating Energy, an energy superior to the electrical and magnetic energy, to which we are linked today.

But as everyone in the world is different from each other and everyone is unequal, there have always been good and bad people. Therefore, the evil people of primitive civilizations, unhappy with the descriptions of the astrology alphabet that they carried in the palms of their hands, tried to spread their nonconformity among everyone, motivating them to create another alphabet, which would expand their desires! And they created a "slogan" for this purpose: "with this new alphabet, everyone can expand all their desires"!

Therefore, over time and with the emergence of new generations, they tried to teach only the new alphabet created by them, thus changing from right to wrong and changing from the astrology alphabet to the artificial alphabet, which still prevails today! This change of alphabet, over time, also caused humanity to disconnect from the Rational Mediating Energy and connect to electrical and magnetic energy. This new connection led humanity to this lower class of life in which we live today, a life in which everyone lives against each other and destroys each other for nothing, equally to the Irrationals.

This change of alphabet also "revolted" the Astrology Natural, motivating the opening of the door for the emergence of true Spiritism on Earth, as a way of helping all humanity, but this matter will be addressed in due course!

(By Antonio dos Santos and Ângela Maria). Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to everyone!


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