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domingo, 3 de setembro de 2023




RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION has already been announced several centuries ago by Nostradamus and St. John in the papyrus, which contained the following: "After the tribulations that the world will go through, the Universal Redemption will come through RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION and everyone will know what RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION is when it will be given to know to everyone the meaning of this great being."

And so, after time, it arrives now the time for it to be known, universally. Arrive now, for everyone, the Universal Redemption. And why did they announce all the bad episodes the world would go through? Because they knew about the multiplication of the unnecessary sciences that would evolve among all, for everyone could be misunderstand and reigning, then, the confusions and wars of all kinds, because human nature is adapted to all beings, who would do horrible things. Then, they mentioned infinity of things which were going to happen, as they already happened and are happening.

As Saint Odilia as infinity of prophets of that time described very correctly what the world is like and what the world would go through, to which point everyone would get, the end of it, which would be everyone's Universal Redemption though a knowledge equivalent to this one, which is RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. Knowing that, when it appeared in the world, as it now has, everyone would embrace it due to it being the way of Universal Redemption.

Many other prophets showed up, each one with his prophecy; some right others wrong. Some were adventurers, making their prophecies according to their imagination and their ways to interpret their adventures. Others were more right.

You called saints those who lived during the holy inquisition and not any others, because they were not from that period.

Notice how RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION is known, but only by name, however, how it is, no. Now yes, you are knowing how RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION is.

In the Apocalypse there were some things untranslatable, due to the Greek, Latin, and Hebrew languages, which gave origin to the confusion on the way of interpretation of it, making mistakes with clauses of that tabernacle which was so correct. And for making confusion of interpretation, they understood the issues differently from what was written and on transcribe them, they thought that the mistakes were on the papyrus, when it was from those who did not know to interpret from the Greek, Latin, and Hebrew.

They did not know the meaning of many words and they made suppositions: "-It might be this, it might be that." And they wrote according to they admit it was, making mistakes because they were not sure of what was written. That is why the Apocalypse varies in many things; some very right, many other not.

Then, you ask: "-And why did they not compose it very clearly?" I say: It was very clear, but to the translators lacked the necessary competence. They had a lot, but needed still more to deepen in the Greek, Latin, and Hebrew. Because they did not deepen their knowledge on those alphabets, on those idioms, on those ways to write, it is why infinity of things passed by unnoticed and they transcribed what was not written and that is why it did not and still not working.

That is why some things work and some others do not coincide with the prophecies and with the codification of the adventurers, who also messed up a lot. This is why the prestige is not overall pleasant. As Sanacam and other translators of good will, but little competence to translate from Greek in depth, the Latin and Hebrew, which are the primitive ways of writing.

So, it can be said: "Very good madrigals, but very bad recorders!" And so, there they are, today, these reasons to give data

and to continue the Writing of things the way they are; needing to explain to all who know and to whom do not know.



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